College Football and the Shadows that Follow It

In recent years, college football has taken many hits. The latest hit being that of the sexual allegations at Penn State. At the present time, nobody knows where this headed. However, it doesn’t look good.

In recent years college football has taken some bad hits. It seems like every-time we pick up the paper, some school is under NCAA investigation. To make matters worst is the BCS rankings. Alabama lost to LSU this past weekend. Now granted they lost to a number one ranked school. However, they did not drop in the BCS rankings. They are still listed at number three. Who says it isn’t about the money?

In past months, there has been NCAA investigations into Ohio State, the University of Miami and Auburn just to mention a few. Everything from the selling of rings to paying for a recruit has been examined by the NCAA.

All of that is not as bad as what is happening at Penn State. Granted, nobody has been convicted. However, it is looking ugly in Happy Valley. The President of the college comes out and endorses the accused, instead of the victims. At the time of this writing, nine individuals have come forward with sexual allegations including rape. I am beginning to wonder where this will end at.

The New York Times has stated that Penn State is already working on Joe Paterno’s departure from coaching. Did he or didn’t he know what was going on? 409 wins over forty plus years is an outstanding record. Now this. I wonder if the NCAA will jump on to the band wagon and try to get credit for this. They are never pro active. If they were, Ohio State wouldn’t have played in a BCS game last season.

College football is a great sport. However, there are dark shadows being cast over it.

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