Condos Built in Missile Silo in Kansas

For those who have watched “Red Dawn” and “Jericho,” you know the shows didn’t leave anything out when it comes to having to live after an invasion. This type of world ending thing isn’t what has Larry Hall building condos in a missile silo in Kansas.

Larry Hall from Denver, Colorado, is someone who believes the world is going to end from a natural disaster. After the tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, and volcano eruptions, Hall decided to start taking action four years ago to have a safe haven for when the world ends.

How much are they going for?

He decided to take a cold war silo buried in the middle of nowhere Kansas and turn it into condos. Just how many condos did Hall build in this Kansas missile silo? Seven.

There are four of the seven left for a cool $2 million. He’s keeping two for himself. While the condo’s aren’t finished and other buyers backed out, Hall isn’t going to let that stop him. He came about the idea after all the natural disasters over the past few years.

What are some of the amenities of Hall’s silo condos?

There are deep wells, battery back ups, generators, a water tank, a hydroponic garden with 70 types of plants, and three types of tilapia. There will be a theater, classroom for kids, library, bar and lounge, and a general store.

How many others have bought missile silos for homes?

Atlas F property in Central Kansas near Abilene, Kansas, and Atlas E property outside of Osage City are the only two missile sites in the state. Edward Peden has bought and retrofitted the Atlas E site. There is also a communications bunker for sale in Kansas.

If you’re not thinking about the end of the world and wanting to have a unique place to live, consider buying a missile silo or bunker.

Even though he’s preparing for the world to end in a natural way like it did with the dinosaurs and caveman, the scenarios in “Red Dawn” and “Jericho” could be other ways the world could end. If these fictional scenarios happened in Kansas and Colorado, he would have that situation covered too.


Old Missile Silo Turned into Safe Haven

Missile Silos for Sale

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