Coupon Clipping Services Save You Time and Money

The latest craze in seeking out incredible deals using coupons (also known as extreme couponing) has become very popular in the past year. Shoppers find and combine coupons to get items at rock bottom prices, sometimes even free. Many have been known to get cash back for picking up an item or two as well. Getting these deals requires a great deal of clipping and sorting. If an amazing deal is found, multiple newspapers and fliers need to be purchased to obtain multiple coupons.

Coupon clipping services remove the need to extreme couponers to buy newspapers in bulk. Visitors can browse for specific coupons, set a quantity for purchase, and add them to the shopping cart. Orders can be shipped through standard mail for weekly deals, or by priority or overnight mail to meet the needs of a closing sale. It’s not uncommon for people to buy 50 of the same coupon to take advantage of a great deal.

There are several coupon clipping services on the internet. Be sure to understand how each works, taking into account processing and shipping costs. Most will charge pennies for each coupon, but hidden costs can be a danger. The more popular and reliable services charge at most $1.00 for processing and the same for basic shipping, letting you order over a hundred coupons for just a few dollars.

Be aware of coupon expiration dates when ordering. Also, if you are using the coupons in addition to a in store sale, make sure your order will arrive in time to take advantage of the offer. Faster (but more expensive) shipping methods may be necessary to meet your timelines. Also consider using a service that is located closer to your physical location to speed up shipping times.

Although there are many coupon clipping services available, the most reliable options are The Coupon Clippers, Coupon Carryout, and ClippityQ. Each has their own unique features and pricing structures. Be sure to fully understand how they work and their average shipping times before making a purchase. Also understand your local store’s coupon policy to adhere to quantity limits and special rules.

Coupon clipping services can be an extremely valuable service for regular extreme couponers. Being able to take advantage of great coupons and even better in store sales can help keep your family’s grocery budget to a minimum and help create a stockpile of everyday products. Be sure to line up you local store’s deals with already existing coupons to make the most out of your couponing experience.

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