Lindsey Lowe Killed Her Newborn Twins Because They Cried

Lindsey Lowe was pregnant and didn’t tell anyone. That included her parents and her friends. No one knew and now everyone knows. On Monday night she gave birth to the first twin and covered its crying mouth with her hand and silenced the baby. She next gave birth to the second twin and did the same thing. This young mother murdered both of her newborn twins. What must have been going through this woman’s mind?

Why did she kill her twins?

Lindsey killed them because they were crying and she didn’t want her parents to hear them. She obviously could not have been in a normal state of mind, as she lived with her parents. How did she expect to give birth in the home where they all lived and still keep it a secret? How did her parents or anyone else not notice that this girl was pregnant? Most women who have twins gain a considerable amount of weight, didn’t she? Maybe she didn’t interact well, or often, with her parents.

What did she do next?

Lindsey Lowe took the twins out of the bathroom covered them with blankets and hid them in a laundry basket and then went about her normal routine. Her father discovered one of the twins on Wednesday and called the police, according to the Tennessean.

Lindsey Lowe attended college at Western Kentucky University and the students there are shocked. She was even a member of a sorority and was very active. No one can understand why she hid her pregnancy and how she could kill newborn twins.

Most states have ‘safe haven’ laws whereby a mother can leave a newborn at a hospital, medical center or 24-hour-manned police station and not be charged with any crime. Lindsey could have done that but she didn’t. Now Lindsey Lowe, 25, is charged with two counts of murder in the first degree. Two little lives are lost and there is no logical explanation for it. What is wrong with people? What makes people react in this manner?

Rest in peace little ones.


The Tennessean

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