Liposuction of the Inner Thighs: Is it the Right Solution for You?

Fat deposits on your upper legs can be addressed by performing liposuction of the inner thighs and the outer parts as well. Once the procedure is done, the patient can see and feel a significant difference. But before achieving that shapely look, one needs to understand the procedures involved. There are several methods which can be applied depending on your case. Decisions are based on several consultations with a board-certified plastic surgeon and assessments have to be made before finally going under the knife.

Inner thigh liposuction is intended to address the area on your upper legs which usually rubs together when you walk. People with this physical condition tend to have an awkward walk and a “slumpy” appearance. Coupled with fat deposits on the posterior thigh, your whole leg can seem like a human body on its own.

There is a condition called the banana shaped bulge for the outer thighs. And this can affect the appearance and physical attributes of the inner thighs as well. To address this condition, a circumferential thigh liposuction is performed.

However, the liposuction procedure for the inner thigh is a bit different from the procedure addressing the fat deposits on the outer side. Aside from thigh liposuction, the knees are also given particular attention. This is to give the upper leg a toned and proportionate shape after the surgery. When done on separate occasions, unfavorable results usually occur. The whole shape of the legs will look deformed, maybe even worse than its original condition.

The reason behind this procedure is that fats deposited on the inner thighs extend down to the knee area. Just like the liposuction procedure for the outer thighs, a tiny tube is inserted to a small incision which the plastic surgeon needs to make. This tube is called Cannula and is responsible for extracting the broken fat from the target area. For the inner thigh liposuction to be a success, the size of the Cannula plays a crucial role. If the tube is too big, an excessive liposuction procedure can happen. This results in uneven surface of the inner thighs.

The characteristic of the inner thighs is very different from the outer posterior thighs. These contain less fibrous tissue and possess a jelly-like softness. Extra care should be exercised which is why you should only consult with an experienced and certified plastic surgeon.

To completely rid the area of fats, there is a correlation between the position of the patient and the administration of anesthesia. It is important that the plastic surgeon has ample access to the areas that are to be treated. While it is safer for the patient to lie on his or her back, not all targeted areas may be reached during the liposuction procedure. Turning the patient over could, however, affect the breathing and this may prove critical to his or her medical condition. Tubes are usually inserted into the trachea to help with the breathing when the patient is under general anesthesia. This limits the position of the patient and the access of the plastic surgeon to the fat deposits.

A majority of young people still possess skin elasticity. This helps in achieving a high success rate of an inner thigh liposuction procedure in terms of flawlessness of the area with minimal or no bruising or fat patches visible. They are the best candidate for the thigh liposuction. Their skin is able to go back into shape and not loosen up especially in areas where it has stretched due to fat deposits.

For older men and women, succeeding or several procedures may be performed to remove the excess skin or to tighten it after liposuction. After fats are removed, the areas where they used to be tend to become hallow and the skin covering these will start to sag. This is a result of less elasticity and the already wrinkled skin could appear worse after inner thigh liposuction.

Like any invasive procedure, it is guaranteed that the patient will experience discomfort and pain. But the degree varies according to the method or technique used and the expertise of the plastic surgeon handling the procedure. To help with the healing, prescribed sedatives and other pain relief medication can be taken.

Certain garments can be worn to help cushion the operated area from certain impacts and pressured. Gravity can increase the pain and discomfort. Surgeons often prescribe specific piece of clothing that

Liposuction can dramatically affect the life of the patient. After achieving toned and shapely legs, the whole personality becomes more confident and boosting with high self-esteem.

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