Long Shots Bar and Grill

I have recently been to longshots bar and grill in Waretown, NJ for both something to eat and a look into what nightlife it had to offer in the South Jersey area.
The Good
To be honest I had a lot of fun when I went here on a friday night with a few friends of mine just to see what it had to offer. I was greeted with $1 draft beers and very good service from the bar tender. Where as in most places you could be waiting for a while to get a drink this place was pretty good about making sure each part of the bar was taken care of. If you are a local of the area you will most likely enjoy the company that you will find here. I have not been in this area for a few years however I ran into many old friends who grew up in the area. The bands that have played here have been very good and play a good variety of music as well. The genere of music played was classic rock, modern rock, alternative, and metal. There is also plenty of parking around this establishment because it is located in a strip mall.
When I went here just for the food the service was good, I was allowed to sit where I wanted too. Our waitress made sure that we had something to drink, that are food was ok, but did not come by so much that she was pestering us. The food on the menu is pretty good in terms of burgers and wings. There are a few other items such as seafood, and lighter dishes in order to have something that everyone could enjoy. The TV’s in the resturant are visible no matter where you are sitting and they usually have a game on most of the time.
The Bad
If you are not from this area and are coming here by yourself you might feel like some what of a loner, this place at least in my opinion would not be a place to meet people but a better place to go with friends. Also if you are a little bit older this most likely isnt the place for you to have a few drinks because the crowd is a younger one, mostly people in their early twenties. Also the location of this bar is a little bit off so you may have some trouble locating it when you are going there for the first time.
As for the food, again if you are apart of the yougner crowd you will most likely like the music that is being played during there lunch and dinner hours, however the elderly people trying to enjoy the early bird specials did not particuallarly enjoy the metallica that was playing in the background. There does not seem to many booth seats, which to some may not be a big deal, but they are normally more comfortable then wooden chairs.
The Ugly
All in all Longshots is what it is suppose to be, a sportsbar and a place where young people can go for a night out on the town. The few older people who tried to come into the bar at night seemed some what out of place, however as stated before the majority of the crowd seems to be younger people. The food choice is somewhat limited but one could expect that as the business is meant to be a place to watch a game/fight/match with a few friends or family. The service is good and the staff is very friendly so overall if you need a place to watch a football game on the weekends, go out on weekends with some friends, or a bite to eat you should think about checking it out.

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