Loving in the Moment

Imprints, beats, and breaths
Thoughts of we
Because you see
Without you, what’s next?

A blank canvas
Such prettiness
What sadness
Little bits
Of my heart falling
Fingers, rushed and hushed
Unable to paint, my darling
Your heart I never touched

Our love story
Page after page
Lived while snoring
Why can’t you stay?
If only for a word
This boy can dream
You’d be my girl
Nightmare it seems

Pictures and photographs
Life not lived
Times we never had
I was never him
Never yours
Is there anything to say?
Yet more and more
To stare at an empty frame

But for a moment
Almost a lifetime
Love’s memory, to hold it
Believing you were mine
If only I could find

The moment before
And after
Loving you forevermore
Happily ever after

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