Making Dancing Lawn Ghosts

Dancing ghosts are a fun lawn decoration for the Halloween season. They are reasonably easy to make and will look cute around any tree or birdbath. I have seen sets sold in stores, but rarely does the quality match the price. Here is how to make your own circle of dancing lawn ghosts.

You Will Need:
2 old white flat sheets
Plastic grocery bags – for stuffing
4 wooden dowels, 3/4 of and inch by 3 feet
Duct tape
Permanent black marker

1. Cut each sheet in half so you have a total of four pieces of fabric.
2. Tuck the plastic bags inside of one bag to create a nice head shape for your ghost.
3. Duct tape the plastic bag head to the top of the first wooden dowel.
4. Cover the head and dowel with a piece of sheet, and tie a string around the neck to secure it.
5. Draw a face on your ghost with the magic marker.
6. Repeat steps two through five until you have four complete ghosts.
7. Mark four spots in the ground for your ghost placement. They look particularly mischievous if they are circling a tree or other landscape element.
8. Drive each dowel into the ground. If your ground is too hard, I suggest hammering some rebar or a stake into the ground and tape each ghost to the most secure support. It looks best if the angel the dowel so that the ghosts lean back slightly.
9. Tie or knot the ghosts’ arms together. This will make it look like they are holding hands in a circle and possibly even dancing.

And now you have a circle of dancing ghosts that you should be able to store and reuse for years.

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