Mars Attacks! Five Ways on How to Not Blow Your Top!

Are you having a grumpy day? Do you believe in Astrology? The study of how the planetary alignments affect our mind, body, and spirit. Astrology can dish out some interesting lessons about human nature. This is especially true when it come to the interaction between people. As someone who believes that we can learn positive and negative things from every group of people, there are lessons to be learned from the study of Astrology.

Astrologer Kim Roger Gallager explains that when Mars is opposite a persons ascendant, it’s time for fireworks. A person will be irritable, cranky, and just down right demanding if they don’t take the time to recognize what is going with their own emotions.

Kim Gallager explains “Anyone who dares to cross you in any way, shape or form will quickly be reminded of just how bad an idea that is right now. Remember, however, that even the strongest and most infallible types need some downtime. Be sure to Plan ahead for yours.”

The thing is that other than taking a down time. There are other ways to make sure that we don’t end up hurting ourselves instead of the person who has crossed us. A person’s Horoscope may say that they are going to have a crabby day but we are still in control of what happens in the relationships around us. A person just has to take a proactive stance in the situation instead of a reactive stance.

For example, what if Mars opposite your ascendant plant in your horoscope. Instead of taking a proactive approach to this Astrology report, you allowed yourself to remind people how you feel in a negative way. They would be insulted or hurt. You would end up burning a bridge that could have been a positive relationship in your life in the future.

How can a person take a proactive stance when they are feeling double crossed, irritable, agitated, and just down right cranky? If a person remembers to keep their cool, they will end up making it through this troublesome moment in the time.

1. If someone hurts you verbally, remember that they only get the victory if you allow them to verbally hurt you. Take what they say as constructive criticism and if none of their words are constructive then ignore what they have to say.

2. Be sure to use positive reinforcements during this time in your life. Many people walk around with talismans in their pockets, purses, bags, or even around their neck. Many people wear prayer beads. Many silently repeat a mantra to themselves throughout the day.

A mantra that I used often while I had a job as a telephone sales rep was “They are not saying no to me, they just don’t want the product.” I had to use it almost hourly because it’s quite easy to internalize what people are saying and then burn out on the job.

3. Teach instead of telling off. It’s so easy to blow up at a person if they are doing something wrong. Instead of throwing negative comments their way because you’re not feeling so hot, take the higher road and teach them a better way.

Not only will this calm you down but you’ll reinforce a relationship with the person that you are interacting with. They could give people positive feedback about you to other people instead of saying “Oh she/he was really a mule.”

4. Be prepared! Write down ways of taking charge of the situation instead of reacting to the situation. Keep them nearby if you need to. If you make a mistake and blow up at someone, learn from it and write down the way that you could have reacted differently.

5. Last but not least. Find a way to relax. Sometimes during these times of our lives, we need to just step away from the situation and then come back and deal with it. Find out what relaxes you the most and just get lost in that one thing.

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