How high is the highest fever you can have before you die

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Brain damage, or death, can only occur if the body’s temperature stays about 107.6F for an extended length of time. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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What is the highest fever temparature before death?
DrGreene Content Fast Facts About Fevers ・ Most bacteria and viruses that cause infections in humans thrive best at 98.6 degrees F (37C). Raising … ・ Brain damage from a fever will not occur unless the fever is over 107.6 degrees F (42C) …
Could someone die from 104 degree fever? How high can your fever …?
fever of 104 deg cel can turn out to be fatal especially in infants… such a high fever can cause injury to the brain directly… so it’s advisable to bring down the temperature using tepid sponging…. but incase of adults there is no nee…

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what is the highest fever to have before you die? what is the highest?
Q: rate of respirations before you die? my mom has sepsis
A: I had rubella as a child. my fever got to 105.6. I am still here. But some people convulse at lower temp. I guess it depends on the individual body. Anything over 105 is something to be concerned about.
Could someone die from 104 degree fever? How high can your fever get before you die?
A: Death is usually due to brain damage from having a high fever for too long of a time. Take it from me. I didn’t think I was running a fever and the nurse asked how long I had that temperature. I said, oh it broke. I had it for a week. She said, it broke? Honey, your temperature is 104. So, I suffered with 106, not realizing how high it actually was for about a week. It did cause me serious problems. About one month later, I had a horrible seizure and didn’t wake up for 8 days. I had never had a seizure before. Then, I started hearing things through white noise and still do to this day. I cannot concentrate very long and my short term memory is just awful. Words that used to come to me without so much as a thought are totally lost on me now.Small children can handle a high fever for longer time periods than adults. If you ever have a fever of 104 or up, get medical help before you hit the 24 hour mark. 106-108 is almost like a heat stroke, if you will. Deadly. And whoever said take Tylenol is giving very filmy advice. You need to find out what and where the infection/virus is so you can treat the problem from its root, not mask it with aspirin while it rages on.Yes, it can kill you. If it doesn’t, the infection coursing through your body will without proper antibiotics. Maybe sooner than later but yes, it can kill you.
my friend passed away last night. before she died she was babbling & running a high fever. what was wrong??
Q: My close friend at work passed away last night. She is in her low-40’s and considerably obese/overweight. I just heard the story of what happened. Apparently she woke up in the middle of the night babbling nonsense and her friend grabbed her husband next door to help her. She was running a high fever so her husband put her in a tub of cold water to cool her down. He left to make a call to the paramedics and when he returned she was not responding. The paramedics couldn’t do anything to bring her back. What happened to her? Why did this happen?
A: aww, im sorry to hear about your friend. it could have been a stroke or heart attack, ask her husband, im sure the doctor told him.xoxox
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  1. I’m not the smartest guy out there but I know that in junior high math and science they have stated that 104 degrees C is 219.2 degrees F and the boil point of water (and blood) is 212 degrees F so yes “fever of 104 degrees C can turn out to be fatal especially in infants” but also for anyone else. Just a FYI.

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