Should Jacksonville Jaguar Fans Be Throwing a CELEBRATION or Planning a REVOLUTION?

Ok so the Jaguars win against the Colts. So I guess you can break out the champagne glasses and caviar plus clank those beer glasses together and wave your Jaguar Flags high in the air. Sure the Jaguars beat the winless Colts. There could also be a strong argument made that the Colts are throwing games on purpose to gain the first round draft pick in the NFL . That’s another story however.

Fans may say a win is a win and want to jump on the CELEBRATION band wagon but I believe a Jacksonville Jaguar REVOLUTION may come from the fans soon as well and here is why.

1) The Jaguars have no offense and questions are starting to be asked about the new quarterback Blaine Gabbert . Is Blaine Gabbert really the quarterback for the Jaguars? After all his performance is not really improving. After 10 games in the NFL his numbers and ratings are not very good. Is it really too much to expect from the young quarterback to run the offense? Just maybe it is not Blaine Gabbert . An argument could also be made that it is the coaching and play calling that is preventing Blaine Gabbert from success. 2) Wide receivers for the Jaguars could be another area where fans need a REVOLUTION because they are really stinking up the place. Mike Thomas leads the team with only 32 receptions and 334 yards. Marcedes Lewis only has 16 receptions and a total of 170 yards. In the game against the Colts a newcomer named Chastin West gave some hope to the receiver position currently in the two games he has played he racked up 4 receptions and 55 yards. Over all however the team has 116 receptions and a total of 1259 passing yards compared to Jaguar opponents who have an average of 177 receptions and 1856 passing yards. 3) Maurice Jones-Drew is the only athlete on the Jaguars at the moment that seems to have taken a leadership role. Without Jones Drew this team would definitely be sitting at the same table as the COLTS in the winless column. Jones Drew accounts for 854 of the rushing yards and the team only currently has an average of 1093 rushing yards. 4) The Jaguars are dead last in the NFL in all areas of the offense in the statistics department currently only averaging 13 points per game ranking them 31st in the NFL. Averaging only 244 total yards per game ranking the offense 32nd in the NFL. Averaging only 122 passing yards per game ranking the offense 32nd in the NFL. Thanks to running Back Maurice Jones Drew the team is ranked 11th in the NFL for average rushing yards. 5) The Jaguar Defense has been doing an outstanding job and may be the only bright spot to the Jaguar team. The Jaguars defense is proving once again they can take it to a higher level of playing.

Creating fumbles and getting interceptions and getting the offense in a better field position to score have been the only reason the team is kicking. However can you really give all that much praise because again the COLTS offense even looked worse than the Jaguars offense? It was like the two worst offenses in the NFL and the only thing that changed the game was the Jaguars had a better defense. However this will not last forever because the Jaguars are facing teams that have better defenses and better offenses soon. The Browns have no better offense but a similar defense and I can tell you this will be a barn burner again as far as an offensive game.

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