Should You Encourage Your Child to Pursue a Pet Sitting Career?

Loving parents want what is best for their children. They want them to be successful with whatever they choose to do with their lives. As your child approaches the end of their school career though, they might not yet know what they want to do with their lives. Some parents choose to step in by suggesting a career for them. Should you encourage your child to pursue a pet sitting career?

Parents Can Offer Insider’s Advice

Parents who have pursued a successful pet sitting career may see pet sitting as the logical career choice for their son or daughter once they have left school, as they can offer them insider’s advice and tips for success. Expert advice can help your child avoid some of the pitfalls that you experienced when you first started out as a pet sitter and give them a realistic outlook on what to expect once they start pet sitting.

Do They Have What it Takes to Run Their Own Pet Sitting Business?

Pet sitting can be a rewarding, lucrative business, as there will never be a shortage of pet owners in need of pet sitters to care for their furry companions. In order to be successful though, your child will also need to have a head for business. They need to learn about how to keep good records by filing receipts, current tax breaks and entitlements, business expenses that they can claim and how to file self-employment taxes.

Extra Skills Can Set Your Child Apart

If your child is keen to become a pet sitter, but has no personal experience in caring for animals, one way to give them an edge is to help them develop extra skills that will set them apart from their competitors. Encourage your child to start off by volunteering to care for the pets of friends and family in order to build on their lack of experience and to also look into pet First Aid or dog grooming courses that are offered locally.

Does Your Child Want to Become a Pet Sitter?

Before you get your child set up as a pet sitter, make sure this is actually what they want to do, whether temporarily as they look for more permanent employment, or for the long term, as they gradually build up their pet sitting business. Pushing your child to become a pet sitter can backfire when they have other career plans.

A parent’s enthusiasm can easily get the better of them when it comes to advising their son or daughter of particular career paths. If your child is not keen on the idea of pet sitting, or has other career aspirations, hear them out. Do not automatically dismiss their suggestions. Remember that pet owners will want to hire pet sitters who are passionate about what they do. If your child is not interested in caring for pets, the pet owners will sense their lack of enthusiasm.

Pet sitting is not for everyone. Before you encourage your son or daughter to pursue a pet sitting career, find out if this is a job they envision themselves doing. If they are keen on the idea, you can point them in the right direction, help them as they set up their business and offer them insider advice on how to succeed.

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