Shy Surprise

That she would say goodbye
Just like all the others
Before she would say hi
Rejection dime a dozen

I’ve heard so many no’s
I must be deaf I guess
Wherever did it go?
All my confidence
Maybe she was different, will I ever know
Is there such a word; no such thing as yes

That she would say goodnight
Nothing more be said
With me should would not lie
All alone in bed

Before the setting sun
Beneath the stars at night
How my love will run
Perhaps I’m not so bright
To hear her say “uh huh”
Or love is lost alright

That she would take a bite
Vampires, serpents do
Not asking, do I like?
Am I not a fool?

I hear a siren’s song
The answer, thought I knew
Could it be I’m wrong?
Maybe there is news
Banging, ding dong
She whispers, “I love you”

It’s more my being shy
Than my stupidity
The truth or just a lie
Whatever we could be

Guess I’ll never know
So shy I’ll buy the lie
“I love you…” and so
Truth, a Shy Surprise

Copyright © 2011, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

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