Signs You’re Pregnant

Although being pregnant is an amazing experience, the symptoms aren’t always as pleasurable. If you’ve been sexually active and are questioning whether or not you’re pregnant, here are a few things to look out for.

Missed Period

If you’ve been spending the last few days wondering where your period is, chances are you won’t be having one. Doctors consider a missed period to be the first sure sign of being pregnant. If you’re clear of stress and haven’t changed your exercise routine, consider yourself pregnant.


Another underlying factor that points to pregnancy is nausea. You just won’t be feeling yourself and you’ll start experiencing some massive headaches and even vomiting. This is due to the sudden rapid increase of progesterone that your body develops during pregnancy. It’s said that 50 percent of pregnant women experience symptoms of nausea. Your chance of getting nausea during pregnancy is as high as your chance of not getting any during pregnancy. Consequently, you might want to make sure that you don’t have anything else going on in there before suspecting a pregnancy.

Food Cravings

A lot of women experience food cravings. They get hungrier than usual and often find themselves eating everything in sight. If you’re a young teenage girl, increased hunger could just be a part of your regular growth. Still, food cravings is a common symptom of pregnancy not to be ignored.

Mood Swings

There are times when you just get so emotional for no apparent reason. You switch from drama queen to princess or angel to devil in just a few moments. You’re probably wondering if there’s anything out there to explain this insanity. Again, pregnancy stimulates a female hormone called progesterone that begins growing so rapidly that your body reacts to it in chaos. This in turn causes the mood swings sending you off to look like a bi-polar and cranky individual.

Pregnancy Tests

The best way to confirm or debunk that your symptoms are those of pregnancy is by taking a pregnancy test. Two of the most well-known ones are First Response and Clearblue. Taking the test is easier than it sounds. Get in the shower with your disposable plastic cup and start peeing. Then follow the directions on the box it came in. Be sure to collect your first morning urine of the day. This is said to give you the most accurate results because too much liquid in your system can flush out the hCG hormone that’s crucial to determining whether or not you’re pregnant. Then, sit back and get your answer.

Being pregnant is a wonderful incentive to grow and be the person you want to be. If you’re mature enough to be having sex, then you’re by all means ready to be a mother. I pray that the next nine months meets you with happy times enjoyed between you and the little joy growing inside of you.

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