Simple Carpet Care and Maintenance

Most of us enjoy the softness and comfort that carpeting provides. More than just an attractive luxury in most homes, carpet has several practical benefits, as well. It adds a feeling of warmth, helps to absorb sound, and keeps us warm in even the coldest weather. To keep your carpet looking nice and protect against stains, rips, tears, and daily wear and tear, try these simple carpet care and maintenance tips.

Vacuum regularly

Keep your carpet looking nice with regular vacuuming. This is a simple task that will make a big difference in the overall upkeep of your carpeting. At least once a week, vacuum the carpet thoroughly to remove dirt, pet dander, and other debris from the fibers. For best results, be sure that the proper setting is being used for your type of carpeting.

Rearrange the furniture

When furniture stays in one place for a long period of time, we are constantly using the same pathways to get in, out, and around the room. If possible, rearrange the furniture every few months to open up a new walking space. This helps to evenly distribute the wear and tear on the carpeting, and keep it looking nice.

Be aware of how you handle furniture

When heavy furnishings are dragged across the carpet, it can become easily snagged. Thus, when you are rearranging the furniture, or bringing in something new, always lift it off the ground. Never pull or push a heavy object across the carpet.

Remove those shoes

One of the absolute worst things you can do for your carpet is wear your shoes indoors. Dirt, mud, pollen, and other outdoor elements are brought in on those shoes! A simple way to maintain your carpeting is to remove shoes before entering the home. Everyone should do this, including children and guests. This one of the easiest thing you can do to help prevent carpet stains.

Repair damaged carpet sections

Over time, it is not uncommon to experience a snagged, stained, or burnt section of carpet that needs to be repaired. This can be done easily enough by making carpet patch from the original carpet remnant, but it needs to be quickly to prevent further carpet damage. Learn ‘How to Patch Damaged Carpet’ to repair the surface to like-new condition.

Treat carpet stains at once

The moment you spot a stain on the carpet, do what you can to remove it. The longer a stain sits, the more difficult it will be to remove. Proper technique is of utmost importance, as improper removal will embed the stain deeper into the fibers and become almost impossible to get out. Find out ‘How to Clean Carpets Effectively’.


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