Did my Sara fall asleep

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Yes, Sara fell asleep! You should wake her up. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/did-my-sara-fall-asleep ]
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Did my Sara fall asleep
Yes, Sara fell asleep! You should wake her up. ChaCha on!

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what do you think about this story? i wrote it myself?
Q: Labyrinth and Return of Labyrinth :)Early in the morning sara was looking out the window she misses Jareth. Sarah she wanted to go to school. She saw her friends at the lockers. At her front of her desk it was a rose. It said secret love on the card. At class she was taking a test. At lunch Sarah went to her classmates and ask if she could join them. Yeah sure said Lulu. She was staring at the tree. Is something wrong Sarah said Lulu. Not really said Sarah. It was her last class of the day. Sarah loved art class but she just remembered that she has to babysit Toby. It was raining outside again on a school day. Sarah saw Jareth in the bus she went into the bus he wasn’t there anymore. But it was too late to reach him. Sarah hi said Lulu. She was going to party with her parents Sarah didn’t have to babysit Toby today. She was wearing a beautiful dress that it was pretty. It seemed pretty fimiliar it was from the movie. Sarah was dancing with her dad. You look just like your mom said her dad. Well I do said Sarah. Then at the same moment Jareth showed up. Everyone got shocked especiallySarah. Can I dance with her said Jareth. Sure said her dad. Hi love Said Jareth. Sarah was speechless at the same time. He grabbed her arms. Sarah and Jareth started to dance. They were both in love with each other. Everyone started to clap for them. Her dad was happy for Sarah. Jareth loved Sarah so much that he couldn’t forget her.Sarah started to stare at his eyes. She couldnt stay away from Jareth she thought that he was the one for her. Her dad was taking pictures. Jareth was trying to kiss Sarah in a romantic way. She got closer to him they finally kissed. Everyone was claping for Sara and Jareth. Sarah felt like it was her wedding day for the one she loves. Her cousin thougth that Jereth was cute. Sarah wanted to dance forever in the dance floor. Should we take a break said Sarah. Yes we should said Jareth. They finally sat down and rest. Sara fell asleep in a chair Jereth was with different people in her family. Jareth went to check on Sara he kissed her. Everyone was around Sarah and Jareth they said they looked like a nice couple. The next day Sarah was at home with her dress on. She was late for school. Sarah didnt have time to get ready. At school everyone stared at her. Lulu was suprised about Sarah it was shocking that she was wearing a beautiful dress. Wow Sarah you look amazing said Lulu. Yeah I know isnt it great said Sara. She forgot about the test that she failed to pass it. It was gym class next Sarah change into her gym clothes. She still looked beautiful. All the boys were staring at her. Sarah was the best runner in the whole school. At last she wanted to wear the white beautiful dress. It was really awesome to wear something good. Hi Sarah said Jareth. Hi said Sarah. How did you enjoy that dance? Its was loving said Sara. I glad that you enjoyed it said Jareth. This is for you said Jareth. Oh thanks said Sarah. How you turned my world, you precious thing. I did turned your world for you Jareth. You did Sarah you changed everything for me said Jareth. Where’s Toby asked Jareth. He is asleep in my dads room said Sarah. Five minutes later Sarah fell asleep too. He watched Sarah and Toby sleeping for five hours. Jareth went back to his castle near the labyrinth. Sarah knew it was midnigth she was looking at the stars. Your eyes can be so cruel. She remembers his voice from far away from his castle. She would like to fall in love again. Sarah loves Jareth so much that she can’t let him go. Toby knew that Jareth was here in the house. Sara was making powdered milk for Toby. She heared Toby laughed upstairs in the bedroom. Toby was in the floor crying. Oh Toby stop crying here your drink said Sarah. Where’s Lancelot Toby asked Sarah. Toby pointed near the window. The crystal was there near Lancelot. Sarah was shocked to see the crystal. Sarah knew that Jareth was here in her house. Sarah picked up Lancelot and gave it to Toby.Sarah went to brush her teeth in the bathroom. Then her parents got home from a special party. She took the crystal to her room. Sarah was asleep in her bedroom she could see Jareth’s face in her head. It was morning her dad had to go to work. Sarah had to stay with her step mother and Toby. Sarah help said her step mother. Coming said Sarah. Toby was crying again in the floor. Don’t torture Toby like that said Sara. Okay Sarah said her step mother. Oh Toby I’m sorry that you were in pain said Sarah. Let’s go outside Toby to have fun said Sarah.Sarah honey I’m here said her father. Hi dad said Sarah. Dad my cruel step mother left Toby alone in the floor said Sarah. At the same moment Jareth showed up to see Sarah and Toby. Dada said Toby to Jareth. He thinks your his dad said Sathis story took me almost a year to think about it it takes time to create it i know i did bad on it i was to excited
A: Awful. Simply awful.
music like animal collective/tegan and sara/gregory and the hawk/vampire weekend?
Q: soft music or happyish music to fall asleep too, like are you ten years ago by tegan and sara or gregory and the hawk or vampire weekend
A: i feel like i just struck gold.WOOO. someone on yahoo answers who likes the same music as me!thank god.here’s a couple of songs you’ll like, no doubt.my top 25 most played.one, something good can work – two door cinema club. (one of the happiest songs you will ever hear in your lifetime. this song will seriously put a smile on your face.)two, letters – matt corby. (since idol, matt has become so amazing. a little like matt corby. this song is so beautiful)three, dance anthem of the 80’s – regina spektor. (you are so sweet. dancing and singing to the beat 😀 )four, high and dry – matt corby.five, heartbreak scorsesse – snob scrilla. (not sure if i spelt that right!)six, lizstomania – phoenix. (perfect song to drive to with the windows down)seven, alice in wonderland – lisa mitchell. (i only recently downloaded this, but its so beautiful. impossible to explain.)eight, chainsaw – daniel merriweather (love him so much. he is the cutest.)nine, gettin up – Q-tip. (bit more pop but its really good.)ten, i’m not alone – calvin harris.eleven, incomplete lullaby – lisa mitchelltwelve, make you happy – josh pyke. (i love this boy. my second favourite singer of all time. he is just so fun to listen to)thirteen, big jet plane – lady of the sunshine. (isn’t it odd how my favourite singer of all time is underneath my second favourite? super weird. angus stone is so beautiful. i could talk about him for days on end.)fourteen, come on get higher – matt nathanson. (it’s so laidback and fun. you will probably love it.)fifteen, the girl and the robot, royksopp.sixteen, why georgia – john mayerseventeen, ever fallen in love – nouvelle vauge. (so good. so so so good.)eighteen, laughing with – regina spektor.ninteen, naive – the kooks :)twenty, parking lots – josh pyke. (more kinda dangerous, but it’s my favourite song of his.)twenty one, just a boy – angus and julia stone. (my favourite singer angus stone in his duo with his sister. woooo 😀 )twenty two, fed and watered – josh pyke.twenty three, hands off my cash, monty! – two door cinema club. (such a happy song.)twenty four, cut feet – illzilla. (like pez, seth sentry, bliss n eso, the herd. so good.)twenty five, set it right, hungry kids of hungary. (LOVE THEM. they are so fun.)check them out darl.xo parisa.
Sara Palin cleared of all charges Why democrats quiet? FOX news only one tells about it. Liberal media quiet?
Q: If you don’t listen to FOX NEWS then you didn’t hear about this. Sara Palin was cleared of all charges. You did hear about it from the liberal news media when she was being charged with about 12 or 14 different ethic violations. You could hear about it even if you were tuned into Price is Right or Let’s make a deal, it didn’t matter. They got the news to you one way or another. Honestly I don’t remember what all the charges were but I do remember it was all over the news. But now since she was cleared of all those charges, the liberal news media has fallenasleep. You can thank Yahoo questions and answers for allowing us to bring you news you will never otherwise get from the Liberal News Media. Question is, would you like for the liberal news media to be fair and balanced or are you satisfied with just getting half the storyThanks ~ I missed the question when you asked it but I went back to yours and enjoyed reading the answers you got too. While reading the democrats answers I was thinking, how can anyone that stupid even know how to get on line and to think some of them are the ones ruining our country. Thats running and ruinng)Thanks ~ I missed the question when you asked it but I went back to yours and enjoyed reading the answers you got too. While reading the democrats answers I was thinking, how can anyone that stupid even know how to get on line and to think some of them are the ones ruining our country. Thats running and ruining)DONOVAN – I know a bunch of democrats who like her too. I also know a bunch of democrats who can’t stand Obama and some of them are my relatives who voted for him. The reason I like her is because she is smart and knows how to run a country even though she has only run a state. Obama has never run anything other than his jogging path.BOB LOBLAW – You are right and the world heard about it from the world news media in less than an hour after he was cleared.
A: The main stream media is so biased it is like the news one would get in China. They will only make a big deal of something if it is good for Obama. Ex. Tiller was murdered and now he is being called a saint, a private in the Marines get killed in Little Rock by an extremist of Allah faith and you get very little coverage.I would like the darn media to report the news not commentate about it.
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