Does apple juice make your face break out

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High sugar is what forms acne in a small way. A good thing to do is stay away from apple juice and stick with the water. [ Source: ]
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Does apple juice make your face break out
High sugar is what forms acne in a small way. A good thing to do is stay away from apple juice and stick with the water.

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What are some fruit juices that WON’t make me break out?
Q: For the last 6 years, I’ve gone to eating nothing but fruits(rarely), nuts, and veggies. My skin is 100 times better, and I lost 75 lbs. When I first started this program, my face broke out terribly when eating a lot of raisins, or fresh apples, and sometimes canned pineapple (in it’s own juice). My face has been nice for so long now, I’m afraid to go back to eating raisins and apples. Weird thing though, is that this last year, I’ve been killing Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness and Strawberry Banana smoothies, with absolutley no problems at all.I’m 35 yrs old.
A: Your skin probably freaked out when you first started the program because of the major change in diet, try them in small amounts, and re-introduce them into your diet.Stick with real fruit, and not the canned stuff in syrup. You might try some of the V8 fruit smoothies, (I think they all have apple in them), or Juicy Juice …. then you’ll know without any major reaction.
Fruits kill my face.?
Q: Fresh fruits like apples and pineapples make me break out, but juice like Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness don’t. It has pineapple, apple, 50 other fruits in it.What gives?
A: It does that to my friend too–I think it has something to do with the acid in the fruit. Strawberrys are the worst for her.
My acne! 🙁 Please help?
Q: A few years ago I was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis and was hospitalised. Before that I had been on many drugs, anti inflamatories, anti depressants all sorts.After going through virtually ALL of the OTC supplements and facial regimes, I decided to take a deeper look at my acne. I figured, since I had been on so many drugs, I may have a fungal overgrowth in my body. I had a ‘hair test’ done and the main stressor in my body, was indeed fungal in nature. Possibly candida. I went on a three month candida diet, excluding almost all sugar, the only sugar I ate were natural occuring sugars in vegetables like spinach, drank a hell of a lot of alkaline filtered water and took garlic and pau d’arco supplements.Result?NOTHINGI think thought, I may naturally just have an excessively oily face. So I started taking vilantae B5 from evolution X. I must admit, this did clear my acne a small amount. At the same time I was using Acne Free skin care routine. This combination did not rid me of acne, but it cleared it up about 40%.I then decided I couldn’t afford this anymore. £30 per bottle of vilantae is far too expensive!I thought, maybe due to my colon and digestive problems in the past, I may have a toxic colon, or my liver my be struggling to get rid of toxins, thus it is excreting them via my skin.So I did a 5 day liver detox (very unpleasant) and then went on to do a three day apple cleanse, taking anti fungal enemas everyday (the same as acne free in 3 days routine). The result? I noticed ONE pimple dissapeared, the rest stayed and my face stayed the same.I then decided to do a colon cleanse, and purchased (cautiously) the colon cleansing kit from blessed herbs. I did the whole cleanse, and although it did work, nothing has changed with my face! Infact, today my face has broken out even more sad.gif.The colon cleanse involved a completely raw diet three days up to the cleanse, then five days of apple juice. I am now still eating a raw diet but my face looks terrible!I have been on accutane and all the others…I dont want to go back on medication for it. The accutane messed my liver up.I really don’t know what to do anymore, I am at my wits end. Someone please help sad.gif. I am so frustrated and lost so much self esteem.Help!?
A: i have severe acne too… the best face wash supplies i have found are the Clean and Clear Advantage line… its a 3 step program.. a wash, lotion and spot treatment… there is other parts you can buy like a toner, an exfoliating scrub, a scar treatment and a few others i recommend starting out with the 3 piece kit using that for a few weeks and then adding in what you feel your skin might need…when i started to use it my skin began to feel much better. it was softer and just looked better… within a week people were noticing that my face was clearing upyou can find the products at a walmart or any pharmacyhope this helps
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