How can i get rid of an earache

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Antibiotics can treat ear infections, however most get well without them. If the pain/discomfort doesn’t go away, call your doctor [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Apply heat to your ear. Do this by using a hot water bottle, warm washcloth, hair dryer or a heating… ・ 2 Put a few drops of warm oil into your sore ear. This may break up excess wax. The best oils to use… ・ 3 Take an over-the-count…
See your primary care doctor. Home remedies and over-the-counter treatments may do more harm than good. WikiAnswers contributors offer some home remedies you can meanwhile try: Put a clove of garlic in your ear to remove the toxins. If you …
To get rid of an earache that has lasted more than a day, you will need to seek medical attention. Other warning signs that you need to seek medical attention would be fever, hearing loss and just feeling unwell. You can relieve the pain sy…

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How do you get rid of an earache?
Q: I just got an mp3 player so ive been listening to a lot of music lately. i just noticed my ears started to kind like pound periodically. The earbuds im using are pretty uncomfortable so i stopped wearing them, but my ear hole still hurts. I dont listen to music really loud for long periods of time. What can I do to alleviate this ear pain? Thanks!
A: I agree with our RN from Pittsburgh. I’d also suggest that you get a family member/friend to shine a penlight in your ears and have a look to see if there’s any inflammation. If you’re getting ‘pounding’ in the ears that’s possible. If they don’t look absolutely normal (especially if there’s any difference between left and right), at the very least see a pharmacist for some drops, or see your doctor if it’s really hurting.Also keep in mind that while there might be a link between using the earbuds and getting the ear pain, there doesn’t have to be a direct link. Have you been swimming lately? Especially in a lake or other untreated water? If so, you could have picked up an infection and wearing the buds just helped it to incubate in a slightly warmer, more humid environment than normal.Get someone to check your ears as soon a you can, okay? Why suffer if you don’t have to?Lenky
what are some home remedies to get rid of an earache?
Q: i cant go to the doctor and its not from like being sick or having an ear infection i just popped it and now it hurts.
A: do you have any sweet oil? warm it up and put a few drops in it.
How is the fastest way to get rid of an earache without seeing a doctor?
A: If the ache is due to an eustachian tube blockage, you can solve your problem by taking an over the counter medication designed to help relieve sinus blockage/pressure. To decide if this is your trouble, hold your nose and gently blow. If you don’t feel/hear the eardrum “pop”, then the tubes are blocked, or if it hurts too much to try they are blocked. If that doesn’t work in a few days time, or you begin to run fever, you will need to see the doctor. If the problem is due to swimmers ear, you can get a pain relief and cure at the local pharmacy, just ask for something for swimmer’s ear. To tell the difference between an outer and inner ear infection, try to pop the ears. If they do pop, and the pain is primarily felt in the ear canal, it is likely swimmers ear. You can also use a little warmed oil and dribble one or two drops in the ear to soothe it. Warmth feels good on an earache, either via a heating pad or a warm washcloth. You can warm one in the microwave and hold it against the ear that hurts. Also blocking off the ear canal by laying on that side or putting a cotton ball just inside the ear, but not the canal, helps to block off drafts and deaden the sounds. If you run a fever at any point, or the ear doesn’t improve in 2-3 days, you really do need to see a doctor. If the inner ear gets too badly infected or fills with fluid, it can cause the eardrum to burst. That takes longer to heal, and can permanently affect your hearing.
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