How can you stop nausea

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Ginger capsules are said to be better than nausea drugs and work quickly. They can be used for all sorts of nausea. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Use the Power of Acupressure. It’s a little known fact that you can stop nausea by gently compressing… ・ 2 Drink a Glass of Clear, Flat, Carbonated Soda. You probably already know that clear soft drinks such… ・ 3 Chew some Gum. Some…
You should see your family doctor – it’s not normal to feel nausea every morning. You could have something like acid reflux or rhinitis that is simple to treat. Everyone is different but I usually like to try something salty (crackers, pret…
Nausea can be an extremely uncomfortable sensation that can be triggered by a variety of causes including viruses, medications, travel, pregnancy, chronic indigestion, and any number of disease states. The most important thing to do before …

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How do you stop nausea on a robo-trip?
Q: Me and my friends want to try it, but don’t want the nausea. Is there any way to lessen it or stop it completely?
A: Drink a Glass of Clear, Flat, Carbonated Soda.OrEat Something Salty.OrChew some gumOhh and check this web site out it tell you all you need to know and more about DXM
Anyway or anything to buy to stop nausea and vomiting? Please?
Q: My mom just got toe joint replacement surgery yesterday and shes been non stop throwing up with extreme nausea. I’m going to CVS for ice packs and percription meds for her. is there anything i can buy that will help reduce this? Any home remedies? Tips?
A: ginger tea, chamomille tea….they usually work for me….Bendryl can also help with nausea and vomiting
how to stop nausea and how to stay relaxed?
Q: Does anyone know anything that relaxes the body and stops nausea because ive been having problems with being nervous and it usually makes me sick to my stomach.
A: sub-lingual (dissolves on your tongue) B-12 and B-6 vitamins. They are HEALTHY relaxants. Take them immediately when you feel anxious.
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