How come i always feel like i have mucus in my throat

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You may have sinusitis. This is an infection or inflammation of the sinus cavities behind the nose and eyes and causes mucus. [ Source: ]
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How come i always feel like i have mucus in my throat
You may have sinusitis. This is an infection or inflammation of the sinus cavities behind the nose and eyes and causes mucus.

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Mucus is always in throat please help?
Q: i have had mucus in my throat for more than half a year now. I have had a clogged nose as long as I can remember and it feels like the mucus may be bieng swallowed from coming from my nose. Please help Im desperate to get rid on my runny nose for good as I always have to take tissues with me as long as I can remember.
A: Well, assuming you have seen a doctor and take some type of allergy medicine, you can still get that irritating itchy mucous dripping into your throat from your nose.Try Mucinex.
Always feel like something is stuck in my throat?
Q: Ok let me start off by telling everyone that I am an average build 23 year old male. I went to the doctor back in October I believe because I felt like I had something stuck in my throat and I had a very minute ammount of blood in my saliva when I spit. Anyway, he told me I have a sinus infection and gave me antibiotics. Now I have always had allergies and plenty of sinus infections and I knew this was no sinus infection. So I take the antibiotics and nothing changes. So I go back to the same doctors office to see a different doctor. This time because again I feel like something is stuck in my throat and I have a small dull paint to the left of my sternum. The blood in the saliva has stopped at this point. She decides it was acid reflux and gives me a months worth of Protonix and schedules an appt. for me to see someone in gastreology. So I’ve been taking the protonix and I went to see that doctor and he said he thinks I have acid reflux. I’ve been taking the Protonix as directed but still all the time I feel like something is stuck in my throat. Feels like it’s right behind my tongue in the tonsil area. Sometimes it’s on the left and sometime’s it’s on the right but it’s always there. I drink plenty of water and the only other thing I drink is sweet tea and that’s every now and then. I’ve drank it my whole life with no prior problems. Also I’ve noticed that it seems like something slimy. Almost like mucus drainage or something. I have been able to pull some of it up out of my throat and spit it out but it’s clear with no color or spots or anything. No relief comes from that. Sometimes I can make it go away for a couple of minutes if I brush the back of my tongue. I took some Ztus expectorant last night hoping it would release it but no luck. Does anybody else have this problem and what can I do about it? I’m going to schedule an ENT appt. next week. There is no pain, it just feels like there is something stuck there much like when you try to swallow a pill without enough water. It makes me worry when I go to sleep because I’m afraid my throat might swell up causing breathing problems. Thanks in advance.Matt
A: You might suffer from bronchitis, chronic or acute inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bronchial tubes. I personally used to have this ailment since I was kid. I couldn’t eat more than 2 ice cream at a time or else I would get a sudden outburst at midnight with the symptom as you mentioned(something stuck in your throat), it is the sputum that is accumulated to a level in your bronchia causing you can’t breathe properly as if you are always lack of oxygen. It is not only relevant to your family history also can pick it up later in your life such as smoking.
Severe throat mucus – Hard to breath – Help, please!?
Q: For the last few weeks, I have felt very congested in my nose and throat. A lot of mucus has been present, but in my nose, it has been hard to get out, as of lately. And when I do try to blow my nose to get it out, it feels like the strong air is causing irritating pain throughout the passageways. When the mucus does come out of my nose, it comes out in heaping globs of thick/glue-like/sticky/stretchable clear or cloudy whiteness. I sometimes feel as though I have large amounts of this thick mucus in my nose, yet it is very difficult to pass, causing some pain from the harsh blowing. My throat has been even more of a problem. The mucus rarely comes out, but has at times, in the heaps that it does from my nose, yet it feels as though there is constant blockage in my throat. I often feel a need to spit constantly and sometimes am practically drooling, as well. The mucus in my throat is constantly there, and I am very often sticking my finger in my throat to grab globs of it. I keep pulling out the mucus, but there is always more there! The mucus is often clear, sometimes white/cloudy in spots and quite sticky. It is usually thinner than the nasal mucus, but it is even more irritating… It very often feels as though I cannot breathe and that I am choking! This has caused me a tremendous amount of anxiety. Can someone reassure me that it is impossible to choke or not breathe due to mucus in one’s throat? This has caused me to nearly have a panic attack on more than one occasion, as this has been a constant problem for nearly a month! What is likely causing this build up of mucus? And what can I do to recover from this? I went to my general physician when I had it a few days, and she said that it was likely due to a virus. That was a few weeks ago. I went again today, and she prescribed my an antibiotic. Will the antibiotic help me recover from this? I heard that viruses have to clear on their own, but since she prescribed me an antibiotic (amoxicillin/amoxacillin), I’m not sure that is what I have. Also, I heard that drinking liquids – especially hot liquids, according to my doctor – help to clear the mucus, but I find it hard to even eat or drink sometimes! I feel like it is nearly impossible to swallow often and that the food just gets stuck in my throat. I even nearly choked on water the other day! However, with all the spitting out I’ve been doing, I am getting awfully dehydrated at times. Do you have any food or drink suggestions? I have been drinking gatorade often, for the potassium (and calories when I can barely eat). Do you think that’s a good choice? Any other comments, suggestions, or advice would be tremendously appreciated. Thank you!I also wanted to add that I have been quite dizzy often, and my ears have often been blocked. Could this be due to the congestion?
A: gatorade is an excellent choice, also hot tea with lemon will also help to break up the mucous. I also advocate taking hot steamy showers, breathing in the steam helps to loosen things up so you can get them out, and taking Mucinex will help to thin those secretions so you can cough them out easier.
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