How do you get out of being high off pot

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Psychological signs of using pot generally ease after a few hours. But residual effects can last through the next day. CHACHA [ Source: ]
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How do you get out of being high off pot
Psychological signs of using pot generally ease after a few hours. But residual effects can last through the next day. CHACHA

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Television’s portrayal of being high off pot?
Q: On tv, whenever characters smoke pot, they begin to hallucinate. Buuuuttt marijuana is not a hallucinogen drug.. don’t know what im talking about? For example, the simpsons. When homer accidentally makes juice from a “special garden” barney drinks it and he sees a pink elephant. On that 70’s show, when Kitty smokes some of eric’s pot,she sees red and hyde’s head growing really why do they make weed seem like a hallucinogen? then we get all these idiots pretending to see shit when they’e high.thats the thing though, i dont agree that they are saying its for dumbies. They kind of glorify it making it look fun, in a “seeing things” kind of way. And as for the first answer.. what the hell are you talking about ?! lol!!
A: although i do agree that they make it seem like an hallucinogen, the “circles” in the show that 70’s show is pretty realistic haha. i mean they’re not hallucinating and they’re talking about the shit real potheads would talk about. haha i love it.but when shows make everything crazy stretching in and out with colors it’s really more for the audience that doesn’t know what it’s like and it’s just to make it seem like it has more effects then it really does.
Am i getting high off pot of not?
Q: I have done pot now about 4 times but i dont know if im getting “high” off it. When i do it i get blood shot eyes and feel really relaxed and sometimes sleepy. is this getting high? i dont know what i should be feeling.
A: You would know for sure if you got high. It took me 4 or 5 times.You might also be getting something that’s not weed. If it’s just a bag full of shake and has no nuggets it’s probably just something from a spice cabinet.
wats the difference between getting high off pill and gettin high off pot?
Q: i have never done either i just want to know like wat does it feel like and watthe diffrence is and how bad it is for u like which one is worse
A: It depends on the pill. a lot of med that people abuse are sedatives/anti anxiety/pain killers, so these would just make people really calm, sleepy, mellow, maybe a little dizzy. Pot would be similar, but pot is a “mild hallucinogen” and so people have perceptual changes (it affects the way the brain processes information from the senses, so people see things a bit differently, feel things), generally not staring up seeing something that’s not there (hallucination) but milder perceptual changes. That’s why it’s a joke to listen to certain music or watch a movie or go swimming high, because it can sound/feel different due to the effects. Some people abuse amphetamine/stimulant drugs (like for adhd) and this is a different high–wired but focused, often focused on weird things. As far as bad for you–it totally depends. If you take the amount usually prescribed, and you’re not allergic or something random, prescription drugs are pretty safe. Pot is generally safe (like you can’t die from a pot overdose) BUT it could be laced. This is one way that prescription drugs are safer, you know they’re pure. BUT most people who get high with pills take a lot and often combine with alchohol and this is very dangerous. people die from these types of overdoses (did you hear about heath ledger?). Even if you seem fine you can be damaging your liver, especially over the course of time (and you can’t live without a liver). I would say pills are more dangerous, in my opinion. But you can just drink alcohol legally (when a person is old enough) and then see what it’s like to be in an altered state (we don’t call it “high” with alcohol); if you are underage you can wait. Of course alcohol abuse is bad for you but moderate use is different.
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