How do you get rid of an addiction

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I dont think it is a strong steroid like the other inhalers. My mother used those other ones for years and she has COPD and early stage emphysema ( she never smoked). Now she uses the advair twice a day and takes singulair and hasnt had a f…
The first thing is to stop the behavior associated with the addiction e,g. drinking, injecting drugs, looking at porn, sexual promiscuity, etc. After you do that, you have to go through the withdrawal symptoms ~ without returning to the neg…
From my experience,I believe taking a holiday without laptops or mobiles and enjoying the outside world is a must for such people.Spending time with your families can also reduce your stress.

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How do I get rid of an addiction a sibling has to runescape?
Q: I need to get rid of an addiction but how?
A: Why don’t you pull him away from the computer, and go to the mall and eat icecream or something. =]He will really enjoy it.You guys can play outside =]Or simply just hang out at the park.Try to get him to have a hobby other than runescape.[YuR VeLc0m3♪]
Any suggestions on how to get rid of an internet addiction?
Q: Facebook, email, blogs, it’s never ending. I’m trying to get through midterms and keep getting delayed with this internet addiction! Can anyone offer any help or suggestions of how to get rid of it? I’ve tried unplugging my internet cable, but that hasn’t worked and I can’t unplug my computer because I need it to type up my midterms!I must admit yahoo answers probably isn’t helping…oh well.
A: Hmm, you know what, you can actually get your computer configured so that you can only have it on for so long. I know my mother had to do it to keep my brother from being on it all the time. I think you can also configure your internet settings to block you from accessing these sites, I know you won’t want to have them completely blocked but there might be a setting again to only allow you to be on it for x amount of time, and once you have hit that limit each day it will block you for the rest of the day. With any addiction, it is good to find something healthy to replace it as well. May be find something like reading books (that are not your school work books), but something you are interested in, may be like Science Fiction or whatever…or going for a walk….Anyways, I don’t know if this was of any help, but it was worth a shot! Good luck!
How do get rid of an addiction to food?
Q: I seriously am addicted to food. I eat all the time. When I’m not eating, I’m thinking about food. I’ve been overweight all my life, and I would like to finally give up the constant craving of something to eat. PLEASE give me some serious advice–I’m really hoping that someone can help me with this.
A: The constant craving could be multiple issues:Emotional eating. Remember the HALT reminder: “Am I hungry, angry, lonely, or tired?” Don’t feed the wrong need.Sugar Cravings: Lots of people who constantly snack, are focused on the next meal, etc – have SERIOUS issues with carbs. Carbs – especially the high sugar kind – cause you to ‘think’ your hungry. I would suggest trying Atkins for a couple weeks. Stock up your house – and eat when you feel like your hungry. Your blood sugar will stabalize, and you will be less ‘focused’ on food. I would suggest – alternatively – that you go buy a book called body clutter. I know ‘everyone’ says ‘this’ book helped – but I think, based on the tone of your email, and the cry for help – that you will truly enjoy it, and get something out of the book. It’s not going to advocate one type of eating, or one type of method – but it gets into the emotional aspects of body clutter, and loving yourself. It’s a heartwarming book that I think you would get something out of. If neither of those work – I would suggest that you speak to a nutritionist or a doctor regarding the problem. Good luck.
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