How do you get rid of an infection when you have a piercing

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The best thing to use for an infected piercing is Bactine first aid pump spray. It’s an antiseptic and you can purchase it at your local Walgreen location. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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How to get rid of an infection in a piercin?
You may need to either see a doctor, or keep the earring out, let it grow up and start all over. You could try thoroughly cleaning your ear lobe and your earring with alcohol or the solution you were given by the store where you got the p…
How can i get rid of nose piercing infection?
Okay. I bet it’s infected.You need to go see your nearest professional piercer. They will know what is best to do. For god’s sake do not put vinegar on and then baking soda.It might be some weird bruising if you have not used a proper pie…
How to get rid of ear piercing infection?
If its really bad just take it out, but if its just a little infection clean it with peroxide or some kind of chemical for infections and wounds. Be patient it may take a little while.

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how can I get rid of an infection in my closed nose piercing?
Q: my nose piercing was infected on and off for months after I got it and it was ticking me off. i decided to take the jewelery out and let it close up. While it was closing up it got infected and I am afraid it closed over the infection. now there is a nasty lump on the inside and outside of my nose (which I believe is the infection). Any ideas of how to get rid of it?
A: Obviously you know now that removing the jewelry was the worst thing to do with an infection like that. You many need to have it drained by the doctor and get some antibiotics. Warm sea salt compresses may help to release it but any infections like this involving the nasal passages should be handled medically.
how can u get rid of an ear piercing infection?
Q: i have an ear piercing infection and i am starting to get one of those wared balls on the back and so i have been using salt water and it hasn’t really helped and so the ball is still pretty small so i think it is still pretty easy to get rid of if any one has any ideas please tell me and thanks for the insight!!!!
A: I agree with the first person. Those two inexpensive things work wonders. Also you could clean it with alcohol or peroxide and then apply some triple antibiotic ointment to it, like Neosporin.
How can I get rid of an infection from my navel piercing? What is the best cleaning solution to speed healing?
Q: I have had my my navel piercing for 2 weeks and its red and sore around top piercing area. What is the best cleaning solution to heal infection and to speed healing? Can I use peroxide at all? Any info will be greatly appreciated!
A: all these answers r wrong!!!!do not use peroxide its too harshdo not take the jewlery outdo not touch it with dirty fingers, only touch when cleaning it and u have soap on ur fingersdo get a good antibacterial soap, wash it every day (dr.bronners, baby soap)do spray it with h2ocean or saline washdo do sea salt soaks. like 5-15 mins 2 times a weekbut most of all go to the doctor and get some meds to get rid of the infection before it spreadsalso to help heal get zinc and vitamin c lozenges. they taste like candy and they have the ones with both in them.
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