How does getting circumcised benefit you

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It is easier to clean and helps prevent urinary tract infections. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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What are the benefits of getting circumcised?
It’s healthier, more sanitary and the risks of cancer, diseases and infections are lower.
Does getting Circumcised give you benefits in life?
Not it does not. There are myths out there that is prevents infections, or STD’s, or it’s cleaner etc. Those are all MYTHS and nothing more. They aren’t true. -Connor

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Does getting Circumcised give you benefits in life?
A: Not it does not.There are myths out there that is prevents infections, or STD’s, or it’s cleaner etc.Those are all MYTHS and nothing more.They aren’t true.-Connor
i am in my twenties and thinking of getting circumcised not for medical reasons?
Q: most blokes my age have been and was wodering if there is any benefit for the pain or if there is much pain involved. i am also wondering if it is normal for the foreskin to not fully retract over the glans when erect. it does come back freely when i pull it back it is not tight . it is actualy very loose.
A: hey mate, lol , i dont reckon personally, my mates who hav beeen circumsized in there 20’s really notice there libido is down, coz it numbs the tip off your cock, believe me honey dont!!< ‘./……….. whilst being circumsized is cleaner…… it isnt worth getting done…. not if its goin to affect your sex life, just keep it clean down there…….
I am n uncircumcised boy and I was wondering the benefits of being circumcised?
Q: And also how can I talk my parents Into getting me circumcised? Thank u
A: Why would want to be circumcised, any particular reason?Let me give you a little insight on circumcision. I was circumcised, it wasn’t my choice, and because of it there’s lots of things I’ll never get to experience with my penis. Circumcision removes over 3/5 of the penis’s skin and takes away over 20,000 nerve endings all centered in the foreskin and highly specialised to bring a man the best pleasures his penis can have, and I was denied that, so I know what it’s like. The foreskin is definitely not a flap of extra skin, it’s there for a reason. An intact/uncircumcised penis is better all around, people say it’s dirtier but it’s not true since most all people wash regularly, and sexually it benefits both partners because the foreskin traps in the natural lubrications of both partners thus creating a gentle and smooth gliding action instead of the hard and thrusting friction action of a circumcised penis which has no skin to help keep in the natural lubrications and instead draws them out leaving the woman dry. Keep in mind that 80% of the world’s men are intact/uncircumcised and the majority of them have never and will never have a problem with their foreskins. All the cases involving its link to lower risk of STDs are fastly becoming disproven, and even if true are such a useless benefit if you just use a condom which is much more preventative of STDs than hacking off a nice, healthy, and natural body part.See what happens when a man is circumcised is that the head becomes exposed, and it’s not supposed to be an outside organ, it’s supposed to stay covered by the foreskin to keep it moist, smooth, and sensitive. When you’re circumcised the head is always exposed to the elements, rubbing on rough materials like underwear, always open to the air, and it dulls the sensations and forms keratin, hardening the head and making it rough and grainy looking. The frenulum and the inner foreskin, the skin right below the rim of the head dries out also and dulls just like the head. Circumcision worsens over time unfortunately, sensations after 20-30 years become very dull, and after 40-50 years all you pretty have left for a penis is a broom handle, almost no sensation.So bottom line, don’t get it done dude, not worth it. The link I’ve posted is to what’s lost if you get circumcised, and it’s a lot so check that out. If it’s phimosis you have then there’s plenty of other ways which can help solve that problem that doesn’t involve slicing up your manhood and taking away your sensations. If you’re interested in what to do if you have phimosis, please send me an e-mail from my profile and I’ll help you, there’s never a reason why a man will ever need a circumcision.
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