How long does it take to lose weight on a vegan diet

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Depending on the food choices, switching to a vegan diet will take a couple of weeks to see weight loss. [ Source: ]
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How long does it take to lose weight on a vegan diet
Depending on the food choices, switching to a vegan diet will take a couple of weeks to see weight loss.

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Does a vegan diet make you lose weight, and how long before you would see results?
Q: I’m 5 foot 5′, and weigh 154 pounds, so I’m a bit on the chubby side. I’ve decided to go vegan (permanent, not just as a temporary diet), because I’ve read that it is a healthy lifestyle as well as a good way to shed some pounds. I want to lose approximately 20 pounds, and would like to know if anyone knows how much weight I can expect to lose and how fast. As an additional fact I quit smoking a week ago and fear that I might gain instead of losing weight. Any thoughts on this?
A: I guarantee you will lose weight on a vegan diet provided that you don’t go crazy and scarf down potato chips, vegan cakes, and such. I lost 80 pounds by eating vegan. Good luck and yes this is the healthiest way to live!
How long does it take to see results from a raw vegan diet?
Q: I am going to be starting a raw vegan diet for 2/3 meals a day and cut portions of cooked meals. I was wondering how long it takes to see results. I want to lose weight and become healthier.Im not doing it to lose weight. Just to live healthier. Though weightloss is a benefit
A: You should never eat vegans raw.They should be served at least medium well. Don’f forget to serve red wine.
I want to become vegan? How long will it take for me to lose 40-50pounds?
Q: I know a lot of people say when they become vegan they lose a lot of weight, but are any of you actually vegan? how long do you think it will take me to lose between 40 to 50 pounds??And by the way how much did you lose on your vegan diet??And i weigh 210 pounds I wanna lose 50!
A: Im vegan, but I don’t go around saying I’m vegan!It’s just that I don’t like cow milk as much as almond milk and I never liked cheese all that much anyway, so it’s easy to be vegan.The effect is you feel a lot cleaner inside, and no clogged up intestines and general sloppy feeling.But you can lose 40 lbs in a month if you really want. it’s just that if you do it really quick it’s such a shock to your body and you’ll end up bingeing and be fat again by Xmas!So, just think about the fact you’re losing weoght without counting. Really, I think that counting those little numbers is evil. I don’t weigh myself, it’s torture, you will KNOW if you’ve lost weight, you don’t have to step on the scales.You can lose a lot of weight by cutting out all the excess fat and bread, pasta and stuff you don’t even like eating. I’ll bet there are many things you eat without even liking what you are eating. like an extra roll, a piece of cake, another piece of toast etc.Firstly, being vegan isn’t the holy grail of weight loss. You can eat mashed potatoes and soycheese all day long, and Twinkies if you want and still be fat.!SO, just be real with it.Cut out all the fried food and if you really want something filling eat brown rice instead- plain cooked rice, NOT french fries and fast food.It’s obvious and I don’t mean to patronise, I’m sure you know, it’s just easy to be overwhelmed and thing as sooon as you stop eating they way you’ve always eaten your whole life you will lose weight., but how realistic is that for the long term?Cut out fried food, junk food.Eat no white bread no white flour, like noodles or pasta. If you eat bread it HAS to be wholewheat. I am not talkiing about that brown wheat bread in the 99cents only store- that is just white bread with brown colouring, you have to read the ingredients and look for”wholewheat flour” as the first ingredient. And if it says “wheat flour” after that, don’t buy it, that is white flour, the same as white bread. This is a common trap, people think they are getting brown bran bread with whiolewheat flour, but they are not.”wheat flour” is WHITe flour and it’s bad for you.If you eat the same bread but “wholewheat” flour only, then you’ll be eating half the bad stuff, and a lot of it will go through you inb the form of fibre, and it won’t bloat your cells up with glucise and sugar, because half the sugar is still attached to the bran in the WHOLEwheat.Just a tip= that’s why eating white flour is so bad- WHOLEwheat is the only way.For breakfast eat oatmeal, fruit, plain yoghrut, nothing fried or fatty like hash browns and fried sausages. If you go vegan, eat fruit, oatmeal and plain soyyoghurt.Lunch have brown rice, chickpeas, millet, wholewheat pasta, or wholewheat pitas with soycheese, hummous and sliced vegetables- get your favourite ones, sweetcorn, green peas, raosted peppers, things you really like.You can get happy with doing your own food, roast your favourite foods, in the oven, and so you’ll have enough the whiole week.Boiul a huge pot of brown rice and make sure if you eat, it’s going to be healthy.It doesn’t need to be only salads and weak food.I lost wieght but wasn’t very overweight to begin with so can’t give huge figures.But the amount of fatty meat and all the fat indairy foods is a lot. You’ll feel better going to the plant foods.Dinner- eat soup, like pumpkin soup with roast pepper and suated mushrooms stuffed with tofu and soycheese. Or some vegetable curry and rice.if you were committed about it, you could lose 50 lbs be new year.But that would be quite hard on your body I think. You don’t want to rebound.It is mmuch bettr to go slow, so you feel controlled about it.
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