How much is an ovulation test at Walmart

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First Response Easy-Read Ovulation Test kit that contains 7 tests is $17.97 at Walmart, Thank you for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How much is an ovulation test at Walmart
First Response Easy-Read Ovulation Test kit that contains 7 tests is $17.97 at Walmart, Thank you for using ChaCha!

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Where to buy ovulation test kit Besides Walmart (that place is so annoying and way to busy!!) 10 POINTS!?
Q: Does dollar general sell them? that would be great they are close by
A: Rite-AidWalgreensKmartCVS*Not sure about dollar general we don’t have those here :)Any pharmacy should sell them though and any store with a pharmacy department. I actually think they have them at the grocery stores too! Safeway, Albertsons etc… Good luck and Baby Dust to you!!! 🙂
how early to use an walmart equate pregancy test and be accurate?
Q: i had unprotected sex around the time i was ovulating and now i have tender swollen breast and not feeling very well,very moody also.i dont know if it could be an up coming period that i am expecting in about a week but the breast tenderness started about the end of the ovulation week but i bought a equate pregnancy test and didnt know how early i could test
A: I tested positive with every brand on the market (yes, I went out and bought EVERY kind to be sure) a week and a half after sex. According to my doctor’s dates, I conceived Around April 21st and I tested positive April 30th.
Ovulation test, solid line or faint?
Q: Ok. I am now on day 13 of my cycle, and took Clomid 150mg on days 5-9 as instructed by my doctor. I took an “Answer, Ovulation Kit” from walmart on days 10, 11, 2 on 12, and 1 this morning. The first 2 days I took the test and got the solid required line, and the other line was faint but could definitely be seen. The same happened on day 11. I took 1 in the morning of day 12 and the faint line I got the 1st 2 days was not so visible and the 2nd 1 I took at night, I didn’t even get a 2nd line. I also took a dip stick ovulation test this morning and there is no positive 2nd line.In the instructions it says I should see 2 bold lines, the required line and the result line should be similar in color, but the required line may be darker than the result line. Well how much darker did it have to be? I’m confused as to whether or not I was being told if I was going to be ovulating within the next couple days, or NOT!!??So does the line HAVE to be solid and bold .. or is it possible with a positive ovulation test to have a faint but very visible line?HELP!ttc for almost 3yrs now
A: I think as long as the test line is as dark or darker than the control line, you should consider that to be a positive result.I don’t know hun, I tried those strips for 3 months and got sick of them, lol. I’m just going with the flow now… just BD when ever the mood actually strikes, instead of trying to figure out when to do it! We’ll see if that helps at all, I mean, we’ve tried everything else! hahaGood luck and lots of baby dust! 🙂
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