How to prevent colds

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Wash your hands often, don’t touch your face unless you have to, don’t smoke, use disposable items if your family is infected, keep household surfaces clean, use paper towels, throw used tissues away, maintain a healthy lifestyle and control stress. [ Source: ]
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・ 1 The most common sense method of avoiding or reducing the symptoms of a cold is to simply take good… ・ 2 Take Vitamin C. Try buying a generic brand of Vitamin C tablets and follow the instructions. You won’t… ・ 3 Keep your hands clea…
Hand washing! Both flu and cold viruses are transmitted the same way — through microscopic droplets from an infected person’s respiratory system. Someone sneezes or coughs, and droplets are sprayed onto any nearby surface — including you!…
I would insulate the windows with thick blankets. Just pack the sill and make sure there’s no openings. Hold it up with tape or tacks. Its surprising how much cold radiates in from the glass. Then I would check the front (and back) door sea…

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How do i prevent getting so many colds?
Q: I’ve always been pretty sickly growing up especially with respiratory colds, pneumonia and bronchitis. Now as an adult I still get four or five bouts of bad colds and bronchitis per year. My boyfriend hardly ever gets sick and we have the same diet, exercise habits. I assume I just have a low immunity but I was wondering if there were ways to help prevent colds. I know all about taking zinc and vitamin tablets. When I get hit with colds and bronchitis, I get hit pretty hard. Some people are able to still go to work and school but I find it pretty hard to leave the sofa. Anyone else out there who has the same problem or has suggestions?
A: Best prevention is washing your hands a lot and most importantly, keep your hands off of your face. If you pick up germs on your fingers and touch your eyes or nose, you’ll most likely come down with a bug.
What is a good diet to help prevent colds?
Q: I get sick a lot and I have heard that eating healthy can prevent colds. I know I will still get a cold every so often, but I’m tired of getting one every two months. What do you recommend eating?
A: Anything with vitamin c and plenty of water and rest
How to stop or prevent colds?
Q: Do you guys know anyway to stop or prevent yourself from getting colds? Thanks
A: Wash your hands frequently. Avoid touching public things like door knobs and rails. Keep your distance from people who are actively hacking and coughing and sneezing. I take echinaecia (however it’s spelled) when I feel I’ve been compromised. Stay out of day cares, emergency rooms, and the lobbies of doctors’ offices.
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