If you have torn cartilage in your knee, do you have to have surgery to fix it

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Surgery with physical rehabilitation is your best chance to have a stable knee and an active lifestyle without more pain, injury, or loss of strength and movement in your knee. But this also depends on how badly your ACL was damaged. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-have-torn-cartilage-in-your-knee%2C-do-you-have-to-have-surgery-to-fix-it ]
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How much does knee surgery costs torn cartilage?
In India It will cost from 40,000 to 45,000 INR, which is the lowest cost in the world.
Is surgery always needed for a torn cartilage in the knee??
When I was in training, one of my very wise teachers taught me that knees are like faces, everyone is a little different. Treatment recommendations for a particular knee problem, like a torn cartilage, depend on many factors.
Can surgery help treat torn meniscus-torn knee cartilage??
Surgery is the definitive treatment for torn meniscus. The surgery is done arthroscopically and will include either removal or repair of the torn part of meniscus. Repair can be done only when the tear lies in or just adjacent to the vascul…

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If you have a torn Meliscus, which is the cartilage in your knee, do you have to get surgery to fix it?
Q: My knee has been hurting for a couple days and I went to the doctor yesterday. He said I could possibly have a torn Meliscus but he said I would have to have an MRI to be sure. Do you have to get surgery to get this fixed or does it just heal on its own?
A: Hey, its meniscus and not meliscus :)Anyway, it depends to the extent of the tear. The cruciate ligaments (which keep your knee stable) are attached to the menisci, so if they have been damaged to a large extent then surgery is required yeah. You can look up “anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction” for some info, or you could ask me more questions if you want.. i’ve seen the surgery for it before!But don’t worry until you get the MRI results, if the damage is small enough, you won’t need any treatment and it will heal by itself
Torn cartilage in Knee?
Q: Went to the orthapedic doctor today and found out I have both arthritis and torn cartilage in my knee. The torn cartilage has broken off and is now re-growing in another area totally seperate. The doctor was kind of freaked about it as well. I have done X-rays and have an MRI of my knee scheduled on Saturday, but was wondering if anyone on here has had this, and what you eventually had to do? I’m scheduled to start physical therapy on Friday, but my doctor thinks that surgery may be required to fix it. Thanks!If I have to have surgery how long do you think recovery will be for me?
A: I’m in a similar situation with you for the knee problems. Surgery may very well be your bets option. From what i’ve heard, if you have to get any knee surgery the torn cartilage is the best one. It’s mainly painful for 2 weeks or so.With physio they work on breaking down scar tissues and all the crap thats built up there, which is pretty painful. But with surgery it cleans it all out and helps you gain a “fresh start”Best of luck
torn cartilage??
Q: my man tore his cartilage in his knee 7 years ago and has never had surgery to fix it, he still is playing basket ball, and his knee is always swollwen , and u can hear things popping around in there, if he continues to go on with out any type of surgery, whats the worse that can possibly happen?
A: when cartilage tears and wears out he will habe bone on bone at knee which is really painful..where he wont be able to do much at all..and will have to get a total knee replacement.Get a recent MRI and found out what is going on!!http://www.carpal-tunnel-symptoms.com
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