Is it bad if you eat to many cough drops

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If you’re talking about cough drops that contain menthol, then you might get an upset stomach if you eat too many. If you’re talking about sore throat drops that numb your throat these can affect your heart. You should always take according to the directions. [ Source: ]
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Why is it bad to eat too many cough drops?
The medicine in them that soothes your throat can upset your stomach if you get too much. Just like with any other medicine, there’s such a thing as an “overdose”.

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Is it bad to eat cough drops like candy?
Q: Sounds stupid but I have a really bad cough and cough drops don’t work, but they sure taste good.I’ve been having a bunch of them is it bad if I do? (I’ve never had a problem with it)
A: isnt it like takin too much medicine? i would try to stop because cough drops are for coughs only. if u eat cough drops a lot, yes stop eating them a lot. it isnt good for you
Is it bad to eat cough drops if your not sick?
Q: Well im like 13.and im ADDICTED to cough dropsi cant stop eating themi eat soo many i cant countand im wondering if im gonna die?or somthing hahaa pleasee tell me thanks :]
A: no you wont die but since its unnecessary then quit the addiction
Is it bad to eat cough drops when u don’t need them?
Q: I am sick now so i do need them but they taste really good and i want to eat them occasionally when i am not sick. Is that ok to do? lol yea it sounds funny but they taste like candy with low calories 🙂
A: they are just candy -they don’t really do much to help a cough, but sucking them increases saliva.
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