Is it bad you have really big blood clots in your period

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Blood clots during menstruation are usually normal. If clots are bigger than a quarter on a regular basis you should see a doctor. [ Source: ]
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Is it bad you have really big blood clots in your period
Blood clots during menstruation are usually normal. If clots are bigger than a quarter on a regular basis you should see a doctor.

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I have big blood clots during my period and bad cramps that wake me up at night. Is this normal? adometriosis?
Q: I read a little bit about adometriosis, and the symptoms sound the same. Also, I’ve been having unprotected sex with my husband for 7 years and have never gotten pregnant…What does everyone else think?
A: You might be having early miscarriages. A good way to tell would be to chart your fertility ( a great book is “Taking charge of your Fertility” By Toni Weschler, MPH) An early miscairrage would cause heavy bleeding with big clots and very intense abdominal cramping. It’s definatly something you should look into if you do plan on getting pregnant.
Really bad period with blood clots?
Q: Ok I’m sorry for the gross details, but I’m kind of worried.Everytime I have my period, it is really really bad. I have so much pain and am completely unable to do anything on the 1st-2nd day. I bleed so much… I know they say it’s normal to bleed however many ounces, but how do I know how much I bleed? I’m not going to stick a measuring cup down there for 5-6 days!I really feel that I bleed a lot… too much. I have my period for 5 or 6 days and it’s only that short because I’m on birth control. Before I was on it, it would sometimes be 7, and even one time 12 days (but that was wayyyy when I first got my period so it coulda just been my body getting used to it or whatever…)I’m on the pill (2nd kind b/c 1st didnt help), I get really bad cramps, and bleed a lot… what really worries me is that I have lots of big blood clots too… It’s really gross…Anyone have any suggestions as to what is wrong? I am so worried I wont be able to have kids one day or something…
A: Years ago when I took the pill, the Dr. put me on a birth control and I had the same reaction – a lot of clotting. I requested he change the birth control medication, and it worked, no more clotting and back to normal. Maybe they just need to figure out what birth control works for your body. Go back to your Dr. and tell him this is happening, and for how long it has been going on. Ask for a change of birth control again. Keep going back till you find the one that works for you and your body. Good luck!
I got my period a week early.. It is really bad ,Cramps and big blood clots!?
Q: I just had a baby 10 1/2 months ago .. and ever since i had a c section with her I have had really big blood clots coming out.. i had another c section before that in januray of 2006 but i didnt have any of this ..Amenorrhea is the absence of periods. Girls who haven’t started their periods by the time they are 16 may have primary amenorrhea, usually caused by a hormone imbalance or developmental problem.There’s also a condition called secondary amenorrhea, when someone who had normal periods stops menstruating for at least 3 months. Low levels of gonadotropin-releasing (pronounced: go-nad-uh-troe-pin) hormone (GnRH), which controls ovulation and the menstrual cycle, frequently bring on amenorrhea. Stress, anorexia, weight loss or gain, stopping birth control pills, thyroid conditions, and ovarian cysts are examples of things that can throw your hormones out of whack. To get everything back on course, your doctor may use hormone therapy. If a medical condition is affecting your monthly cycles, then treatment of the condition will help to resolve the problem. As mentioned earlier, lots of strenuous exercise combined with a poor diet can also cause amenorrhea. Cutting back on exercise and eatiduring your period is not necessarily a sign of menorrhagia, though — lots of girls, with both heavy and light periods, pass clots when they menstruate.)The most frequent cause of menorrhagia is an imbalance between the amounts of estrogen and progesterone in the body. Because of this imbalance, the endometrium (pronounced: en-doh-mee-tree-um, the lining of the uterus) keeps building up. Then when the body gets rid of the endometrium during a period, the bleeding is very heavy.Many girls have hormone imbalances during puberty, so it’s not uncommon to experience menorrhagia during the teen years. Other cases of heavy bleeding may be caused by thyroid conditions, blood diseases, or inflammation or infections in the vagina or cervix. To help figure out the cause of abnormal bleeding, a doctor can do a pelvic exam, a Pap smear, and blood tests. If you do have menorrhagia, it can be treated with hormones, medicine, or removal of any growths in the uterus that may be the cause of excThe culprit in primary dysmenorrhea is prostaglandin, the same naturally occurring chemical that causes cramps. In large amounts, prostaglandin can cause nausea, vomiting, headaches, backaches, diarrhea, and severe cramps when you have your period. Fortunately, these symptoms usually only last for a day or two. Doctors usually prescribe anti-inflammatory medicines to treat primary dysmenorrhea. As with cramps, exercise, hot water bottles, and birth control pills might also bring some relief.Some of the more common conditions that can cause secondary dysmenorrhea include:endometriosis, a condition in which tissue normally found only in the uterus starts to grow outside the uterus pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), a type of bacterial infection fibroids or growths on the inside wall of the uterus All of these conditions require that a doctor diagnose the problem and then treat you appropriately.
A: How big? Its probably not bad, I mean it cant really hurt you. Just tell you doc, or call them on the phone. Dont worry 🙂
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