Is there anything that can help you grow

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When properly performed, stretching-related exercises may possibly have some effect on the length of the spinal column over time. [ Source: ]
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Is there anything out there that can help me grow??
There are numbers of reasons why a person is not tall, and most of them do not have any effective treatment. Probably the commonest cause is genetic, that is to say that one or both your parents are below average height, or that short statu…
What foods help your breasts grow?
There’s no scientific evidence that consumption of any food leads to breast-specific growth. Chinese Tradition In Chinese tradition there are certain foods and drinks which are said to enhance the breasts and the internet has several Chines…
Does talking to plant help them grow?
Yes, when u talk to your plants, u are releasing carbon dioxide from ur body. Plants absorb Carbon Dioxide in order to make oxygen and glucose (food).

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Is there anything that helps lessen the spikiness of hair growing back after you shave?
Q: If I get cold right after I shave and get out of the shower, goosebumps will rise on my legs and a spiky stubble arises!! It is also very frustrating in cold weather, and I wonder if there is anything that will help with that problem? Also is there something to help with making the re-growing hair softer in general?Thanks for the help!
A: No, since shaving cuts off the soft tapered end of the hair leaving a blunt spiky end instead it will always be like that. The other other option is to do something other than shaving, like waxing or removal creams.
Is there anything I can do to make my hair grow faster?
Q: I am wanting to grow 7 inches of hair by June of 2009 have long beachy curls for summer! Is there anything I can do to help my hair grow faster? Anything I can eat regularly, hair treatments, a certain brand of shampoo, and conditioner?? Etc, also please do not be stupid k? Thanks.
A: imposible
Is there anything a female can do to grow 3 more inches?
Q: im a 15 yr old female that will turn 16 very soon and i want to know if theres ANYTHING to grow at least 3 inches taller in a years time? will exercise give me any good results?
A: I’m 16 and 5’4″. Everyone tells me that’s average but the freshmen are sooo tall! Your height depends on your parents… and the only way to grow the TALLEST possible you can, is to sleep a lot (no night lights, close your door) because supposedly when there is light when you sleep, your brain knows and you don’t fully go to sleep, don’t drink soda & other sugary stuff because sugar blocks calcium to your bones, & of course drink lots of milk for calcium. Don’t curl up when you sleep, stretch and play basketball for exercise! You are going through puberty and you will probably grow a little bit more. I used to be so much taller than some of my (short) friends, but now they have grown at least an inch taller than me. Just wait it out! Good luck!
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