What is in exctacy

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Ecstasy (MDMA) has both stimulant & hallucinogenic effects. It affects serotonin, chemical in the brain that affects mood. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-in-exctacy ]
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It is usually in pill like form and is taken orally. It is a synthetic stimulant and mild hallucinogen. Produces euphoria and social intimacy, but with short-term health risks and longer-term harm to serotonin-producing neurons and to mood …
Yeah it’s physically but that doesnt mean that i cant mess up your mental abilities. Whatever the size is that the pill you are taking, is the size that the hole will be somewhere in your brain. It is EXTREMELY dangerous…to the point wher…
・ Ecstasy is the chemical methyldioxymethamphetamine, or MDMA. ・ MDMA is a synthetic substance that has both stimulant and hallucinogenic effects.

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How long does marijuana and exctacy stay in your system for a urine test?
A: busted….
Does anyone know what happened to those kids or that Mother that gave here baby exctacy?
Q: I can’t find any follow up stories or articals.
A: follow up article herehttp://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,288797,00.html
can i take exctacy pills if im sick plzz dont give me lectures?
Q: i am sick my body can take ectacy pills since ive took them before but i dont know if i can take them while im sick also i have a kinda black eyes its more swollin and not really black at all
A: yeah, take a whole lot of them stupid! Should have you feeling better in no time
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