What are the side effects to codine

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Taking codeine with alcohol can cause death.Less serious effects are feeling dizzy or drowsy; nausea, vomiting, constipation MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-side-effects-to-codine ]
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What are the side effects of codeine?
I may be confused by your description in your question. The question is – what are the side effects of codeine? But then you say you were on CoCodamol but then you doctor put on Oramorph and codeine. Now you are having side effects. The …
Is this side effects of any of the meds? severe muscle cramping a…?
Matt, Call your pharmacist and they can tell you pretty quickly if this is a side effect of one of your meds. It may be a reaction, so call ASAP. Your doctor may need to change your medication. Hope this helps!
Who knows where to find the Side Effects From Tylenol 3 With Code…?
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T3 WITH CODINE what are the side effects?
Q: my boy friend has just got 4 teeth segically removed and is on t3 with codine and would like to know side effects and all that… info please!
A: sedation, he should not drive while taking itconstipation, he should drink lots of water while taking itthose are the two major side effects.
What are the side effects of Tylenol 3s?
Q: I just had a tooth removed. Before it was removed I was on 600mg Motrin and Tylenol with Codine (tylenol 1’s) and I didn’t really notice to be anymore tired or ‘out of it’. Now that the tooth is out, they gave me Tylenol 3’s. What will they do to me, besides numb the pain?
A: Tylenol #3 has 30 mg of codeine . #1’s have 8mg so you may experience some sedation from the additional codeine. Some people find tylenol #3 hard on their stomach especially when they take it just before bed. The codeine can be very constipating so make sure you drink lots of fluids,and eat a diet that has a bit of extra fiber. You probably won’t need to take them for very long if it was a simple extraction. Best of luck.
what side effects are there from prolonged use of nurofen plus painkillers?
Q: these tablets contain among other ingredients codine and brufen
A: Very likely your liver or kidney will damage.
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