What could be the effects of Placenta Previa

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Having placenta accreta with placenta previa puts you at a higher risk for bleeding. ChaCha on. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-could-be-the-effects-of-placenta-previa ]
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What could be the effects of Placenta Previa
Having placenta accreta with placenta previa puts you at a higher risk for bleeding. ChaCha on.

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I had my ultrasound at 18weeks and the technician said that placenta was previa.?
Q: He did not mention if it was a full or just partial. What are the side effects of previa
A: Well, it will move up more throughout your pregnancy and hopefully by your delivery date you will be fine. You need to find out how severe it is first.
placenta previa and dialation?
Q: I have placenta previa that the doctor doesn’t think is going to move up in time. With my last two pregnancies I was dialated to 2 by 33 weeks and to 4 by 36 weeks. How will dialting effect me with previa? Will they have to do an early c-section? Thanks!
A: I’ve just been diagnosed with Full Previa at 31 weeks, and they really don’t think it’s going to move up in time. I don’t know how far along you are, but as my doctor said, if there hasn’t been any bleeding (in my case, none so far) then it’s not a HIGH high risk, just something that you need to watch out for. I suspect that if you were to start bleeding, they might do a cerclage (sew the cervix, as already mentioned) to get you to 37 weeks and then chances are you’ll need the c-section. I’ve been put on ‘pelvic rest’ (don’t you love that euphemism?!) and they said I shouldn’t life anything heavier than 15lb. Also, I can walk my dogs but not long hikes and nothing that involves running. They’re hoping that this will ensure no bleeding. So that’s what I know about previa, but with your history of early delivery, be sure to ask your doctor about possible cerclage. It could be that dilating simply doesn’t affect the placenta, but better to be safe than sorry. Good luck!
Placenta Previa Questions…??
Q: Ok I am 30 weeks pregnant with my second child. The doctor diagnosed me with complete previa when i was 11 weeks. I have had 3 ultrasounds since then and progress was made each time. At my last ultrasound, last week, they said it had completely “fixed itself” and that it looked like I could have a successful vaginal delivery. My question is this: Will I still be at risk for things like hemmorage during delivery? Any side effects that comes with Placenta Previa?? Has anyone been in this situation and if so how was your delivery?? Thanks! 🙂
A: No – as long as placenta is completely moved away from your cervix (which dr wouldn’t have said completely fixed itself if this wasn’t the case) – you are FINE! Your placenta isn’t going to detach just because. With placenta previa, it’s risky because as you dilate, it’s literally making the placenta detach. As long as placenta is on the uterine wall – you should be totally safe! You are at no more risk than anyone else! Best Wishes!!!
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