What happens to boys when they take birth control

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The estrogen and progesterone hormones in female birth control can cause men to be sick to their stomach and alter sexual organs. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-to-boys-when-they-take-birth-control ]
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What happens if an 18-year-old boy takes birth control pills??
I’m guessing that the 18-year-old boy will get a little bit more feminine.
What would happen if a man took estrogen?
start producing stuff like larger breasts, less body hair, probably a bigger butt.
Who cannot take the pill?
・ A family history of venous thromboembolism (blood clot) in a first-degree relative (eg sister, mother) … ・ A family history of arterial disease (circulation problems) in a first degree relative (for example sister, …

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what happens if a boy takes the birth control pill?
Q: what happens, what are the effects?
A: one won’t do anything, but you will not go bald, you will get big tits, your voice wil get sultry and soft. Kidding,
What happens if a boy takes birth control?
Q: just curious
A: my mom is anwsering this (docter): you will probly experince larger breasts because the birth control has estrogenand to much of that in a male tends them to become more feminime
Any one on birth control pills when they got pregnant?
Q: Oh yes, the 1% of the 99% is likely to happen. I got pregnant, and for that matter was PERFECT with my birth control pills. The good news is that my boyfriend and i are very in love, and can’t wait for our little boy to arrive in two weeks! Yay! Anyone else have this happen? Kinda scary!
A: It happened ….i was on the Nuva ring by ortho evra…and i got pregnant…my sons dad and I have since had another addition and are married…I am back on birth control but we use other forms of birth control like condoms because birth control isnt perfect…consider this after you have your son…I am glad you all are happy…congratualations & best of luck!!
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