What do you do for a constipated baby

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Try baby foods with high-fiber content, or 2-4 ounces of fruit juice. ChaCha ON! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-do-for-a-constipated-baby ]
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What to do about constipated baby?
My doctor told me to put a small amount of karo syrup in her bottle
How to Help A Constipated Baby
・ 1 As always, call your baby’s pediatrician to discuss taking any steps involving your baby’s physical… ・ 2 Get your baby moving. Place your baby on his back, grasp an ankle with each of your hands, and rotate… ・ 3 Rub baby’s tummy. Pl…
Is my baby constipated?
Same thing happened to my daughter. I actually called the doctor this a.m. and he said TOTALLY NORMAL once breastfeed babies start solids. He told me 1 oz prune juice with 1 oz water in a bottle 2 times a day for a few days and see what hap…

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Is it safe to administer Glycerin Suppositories for a 4 months old constipated baby once a week?
Q: My baby is breastfed. The doctor advised sugared water but it did not help. A pharmacist did not recommend prune juice until 6 months old although he approved my idea to use Glycerin Suppositories when the baby is constipated for about a week. I tried half a dose twice within the last 2 weeks, it really works. The baby is happy, the mom is happy. I am afraid it will happen again. I will appreciate any advice.
A: Its okay for a breastfed baby not to poop for at least 2 weeks, my daughter didn’t poop for 10 days and of course I called the doc. he said to give her more time, a warm bath, and some juice..I was told that 1 oz of juice for every month your baby is is perfectly fine…also, you can use an anal thermometer dipped in Vaseline to stimulate the sphincter muscle and get the baby to poop…I was also told to give a baby under 6 months only HALF a suppository…so sounds like you’re doing fine!
What do you feed a constipated baby rat?
Q: I think my baby rat is constipated. I’ve had him for about 4 days now and he hasn’t pooped at all. His belly is really bloated. He is a baby, probably about a month? I’m not sure but hes pretty small. What should I feed him to make him poop? :[
A: It sounds like he may have megacolon, which is a genetic disorder where the colon cannot push out feces, causing them to build up in the abdomen. This unfortunately is fatal in about 99% of cases. There are some drugs you can get from your vet that may help him, but it will be an ongoing cost that you probably are not prepared for. I recommend you check out the following link for more information about megacolon and what you can do about it: http://www.ratfanclub.org/megacolon.htmlIf you are not able to afford the medication that he will need for the rest of his life, you should have him humanely euthanized as this condition is very painful and uncomfortable and since it is genetic it cannot be cured. I’m sorry to hear about your rat baby =( I would also suggest you contact the pet store where you got him from and let them know, as it is likely that most or all of the babies from his litter have it as well.
Constantly constipated baby will he grow out of it?
Q: My 4 week old is now doing much better with burping after every feeding, the only problem is that he gets constipated, with his formula Doctor has switched me to sensitive formulas, and now he has enfamil premium. Baby also has spits up and a little throw up now and then he seems to have tummy problem, but before he wouldn’t even burp, and now he does will he get better with time?
A: Their digestive systems do mature as they get older. Sometimes babies have trouble with certain things in formula. Either too much iron constipating or cow milk protein allergies, reflux, etc. I would follow things closely with your doctor until you felt your baby is handling their meals well.
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