What is a good natural teeth whitener

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Mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to form toothpaste. Brush the teeth regularly with this paste. It will remove all..more? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-good-natural-teeth-whitener ]
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What are some natural ways to whiten teeth
Teeth whitening- home remedies・ 1) Rubbing the teeth with a little baking soda or coarse salt will do the trick. ・ 2) Liberal quantities of gooseberry (amla) and onions in your diet will prevent tooth decay and make … ・ 3) If your teeth h…
Is Semen a Natural Teeth Whitener?
Yes I’ve heard it. No, it’s not true. Whoever told you that is just screwing with you.
How to Brighten You Smile for Less
In this article I will tell you the secret to white teeth on a budget. If you walk pass the aisle wishing the teeth whitening kits were more affordable stop and follow the tips I am about to give.

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What is a good natural teeth whitener?
Q: My teeth have become very yellow from years of smoking and drinking cola. It there a good natural solution to help whitenen them back up again?
A: Baking soda scrub followed by hydrogen peroxide/water (50-50) rinse, 30 seconds.Oops, beat me to it!
at home natural teeth whitener?
Q: anybody know some natural home remedy type things for teeth whiteners? like i ve heard baking soda….? but does it really work? any suggestions? THX!!
A: i was the “E” about hollywood secrets and one of them was putting strawberry against the teeth and the citric acid and the anitoxidents cleans it and whitens. the inside juicy part of the strawberry.
natural teeth whitener?
Q: I’ve heard that a used tea bag(green tea) wiped over the teeth a few times a week can whiten teeth. I’m far too lazy to test this out. Does it work? Try it and let Y/A know. It will save me the effort. LMAOSTOP talkin about damn crest whitestrips, they’re not available in Ireland. though if any crest reps wanna send me a sample, i’d be more than happy to give ’em a go.how can anyone put baking soda anywhere near their mouth? ugh!
A: ok i’m right on thatstop being so damn lazy!!!!
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