What do you use to clean a ear piercing

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To clean an ear piercing, use isopropyl alcohol or ear cleaning antiseptic. Dip a clean, unused cotton swab into it and apply. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-use-to-clean-a-ear-piercing ]
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What can i use to clean my ear piercing?
You could use saline if it’s additive free. Otherwise, just mix your own sea salt solution or use a mild soap & water.
Can I use Hydrogen Peroxide to clean my ear piercing??
“Behavior that hinders healing * Contact between the new piercing and another person’s skin or bodily fluids; * Excessive and unnecessary touching of the piercing, especially with unwashed hands; * Failure to take proper aftercare meas…
What should you use instead of peroxide to clean your new ear pie…?
You do not use Peroxide to clean your ear piercings. Soap and water and leave them alone, you could always read the written aftercare instructions you were provided with by your professional body piercer.

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What can I use to clean my ear piercing?
Q: I got my second ear hole pierced 5 weeks ago at Claires. I was given an ear piercing cleaning solution to use for the next 6 weeks. I still have about a week left of daily cleaning but ran out of the cleaning solution. Is there anything else I can substitute for the last few days?
A: Rubbing alcohol works very well.
What should I use to clean my ear piercing?
Q: I got my ear pierced at Claire’s about a month ago and the piercing came with a free bottle of special cleaning solution.Well, I have used it as instructed and very diligently (3 times a day) and the bottle is now almost dry.What should I use when it is all gone? Was anyone else recommended something to clean around their new piercing that I could find easily in a Walmart, grocery store, etc.?Thanks everyone!
A: walmart has some solution in the jewelry department, or just use rubbing alcohol
What can I use to keep my ear piercing clean?
Q: I just pierced my own ears…like..a little while ago. lol.How do I keep it clean.Like what do I use?And yes I used a sterlized needle and stuff like that.But how do I care for it and all?
A: Wash your hand before you do anything.Keep them clean by getting a cup of boiling hot water. Let it cool down but make sure its still hot. Then add salt.Dip cotton wool into the salt water and then clean all over the back and front of the ear lobe.Twist each stud round to prevent the earring crusting to your skin.Clean them twice a day. In the morning & before bed.
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