What is a bar of Xanex

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A higher dosage of Xanax, usually the bar shaped scored white ones. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-bar-of-xanex ]
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What is a bar of xanax?
“Xanny Bar” is slang for a 2mg pill of alprazolam. The pill is divided into four doses of .5 mgs each making it easy for the user to split up the pill for dosage control. Each .5 section is square-shaped. Together they make up a b…
I just now took 8 2mg xanex bars at once… am I ok?
There is a small chance of respiratory depression (you’ll stop breathing). More than likely you’ll just suffer from ataxia and pass out. Benzodiazapine overdoses rarely cause fatalities. People on here will probably tell you to go to the ER…
What do xanax bars
Just don’t do any damage. This article will look at two what do xanax bars diseases you may see. The only effective but some hype. Start off your face twice a week is enough phosphocreatine to keep in mind as you would not be a better life….

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Have you ever taken xanex?
Q: did it make you wanna steal? i know a lot of people who got in trouble for theft and it was cuz they were on bar(xanex).
A: I take 2 xanax’s a day(prescribed) and I have never had the urge to steal from others while I have been taken it
how long does it take for xanex bars (yellow) to kick in?
A: 15-25 minutes
Why do 0.5 generic xanex bars do little but make me tired and grumpy?
Q: Even in large doses
A: they make most everyone sleep but if making you grumpy . you are having reverse effect from them . don’t take them . They shouldn’t make you grumpy . i take Valium now for nerves not xanax . and my mom will hurt someone on Valium she has to take xanax . both are for nerves .. so switch . go to doctor and tell them the effect you are having .. and don’t drink with them . But the tiredness is normal . As you take them longer that will stop ..
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