What is chemical castration

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It is a term for treatment with Depo-Provera that acts on the brain to inhibit hormones that stimulate testosterone production. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-chemical-castration ]
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What is chemical castration?
Chemical castration involves the use of a progestin (progesterone homologue) that is alien to men. We have no clue what horrors it may cause as this substance is totally foreign to the male. High levels of progest. havve neg. feedback inhib…
Is Chemical Castration safe?
Quoting Wikipedia: The use of Depo-Provera can cause several side effects including weight gain, fatigue, thromboembolism, malaise, hypertension, mild depression, hypoglycemia and rare changes in liver enzymes. In most men the use of Tamoxi…
Should chemical castration be used as a punishment for re-offendi…?
I have worked within the penal system for over a quarter of a century, including time in the largest and most secure specialist pedophile unit within Europe. This unit incidentally, operates a regime that is based upon maintaining read more…

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Do you ever wish you could have chemical castration or a chastity belt just to avoid the worst of puberty?
Q: I think it would be great sometimes to have chemical castration, or a chastity belt to keep away the darkside of male puberty. The overwhelming sexual feelings, the masturbation, the unwanted attention that girls receive from guys when the guys go through puberty.Anybody can answer if you ever thought just for a moment they might be a good idea. I am not advocating this but from time to time wished I could have escaped the feelings.
A: Yes. Im 16, and wish I could. Not just for the feelings and masturbation, but for myself, and being able to prove to a girlfrend I would be loyal. I wouldnt want any visible side effects though, besides something to prove my restraint. Also, I woldn’t want any long term effects. (for examle, the drive does come back, but after visible sign of my quitting.) So when I reach my ‘age’ I can stop the pill or whatever, and my stopping could be noticed or would lead to short term side effects to discourage ‘cheating’.A chastity belt seems like a scary idea though. And I wouldnt want to be caught dead in one in the present soceital view.
How do you feel about a chemical castration?
Q: They make a pill that is simply a chemical castration. You take the pill and say good-bye to your little soldier. How do you feel about making it mandatory that all child rapists be dosed with this medication, for the rest of their lives.?.
A: Sounds like an ‘easy’ solution. People still have dangerous and destructive drives, and while a physiological suppressant like a pill or an injection might help in some cases, it is no substitute for intensive therapy.
Should Polanski be subject to chemical castration ?
Q: The Government of Poland approved last Friday that paedophiles will be subject of chemical castration. Last week Polanski who has Polish Citizenship was arrested in Switzerland. Will Poland now ask the Switz to send him back to Poland?
A: hopefully we make an example out of him,
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