What is the best acne cleanser to use

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What is the best cleanser to use for a mild acne?
Drink lots of water and try not to stress too much about it as stress if known to make acne worse. Also acne goes away pretty fast when you know how to get rid of body toxins. You can try this and see if it helps. Lemon Juice-A simple remed…
How To Use An Acne Cleanser In The Best Manner??
Acne cleansers are a great way to deal with the skin problem of acne. These cleansers not just help in cleaning acne prone skin but they also work on the root cause of the problem. There are plenty of cleansers available in the market. From…
What is the best basic cleanser to use for my acne??
depends on how bad your acne is? but the basic is not just one product. its 3 or 4 you need a cleanser to remove dirt then a scruber to clean pores then a toner (if you have oily skin) then moisturizer to keep your skin from over-drying th…

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Best cleanser to use to get rid of mild but stubborn acne?
Q: Are there any really good acne cleansers that you can buy at like Walmart or something that actually work? I have mild but very stubborn acne…it keeps coming back in the same place. Any suggestions?
A: I recommend clean and clear’s advanced acne treatment. If not, you can dab toothpaste on the stubborn pimple and leave it on for ten minutes. Then wash it off in ten minutes. Repeat this everyday till the pimple dissappears. It will dry it right up!
what is the best acne cleanser to use that really works please help me i will give you ten points if it works?
Q: i am about ot start high school in 4 days and it alway seems right after i get rid of a couple a few more pop up and i just want them to go away what is the best product to use or home remedy which ever one works please help me
A: Check your diet. My best friend gets the cysts style zits and hers are caused by diary products.I would ask your mom about Proavtive, I have never used it personally, but several of my friends have and they love it. It is expensive, and I think you have to keep using it. Once you stop the zits come back.Or go to your local natural food store and see what they have for acne tratments….Good luck…
What’s the best cleanser (or acne stuff) to use for dry, senstive skin?
Q: I’m thirteen and I used Proactiv for quite a while and it did do good on my face. It became clear and I barely had breakouts. Then I had to quit using it and I’ve been trying products to get rid of my acne and it’s either they don’t work or they’re very drying. Any recommendations?My parents don’t want me to see a dermatologist because they think it’s unnecessaryOh yeah and the Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash Cream Cleanser doesn’t work for me. It really dries my skin.Last thing, the reason I had to quit Proactiv was because it became way too expensive for us.
A: almay works really well. Use the one of dry skin.
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