What is the best electric shaver for sensitive skin

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Braun Activator 8595 Electric Shaver has been rated highly. Keep asking away, ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-electric-shaver-for-sensitive-skin ]
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Which electric shaver would be the best for sensitive skin??
Wilkinsons lady shave is quite good,or u could use hair removal cream which works better.
What is the best electric shaver for really sensitive skin?
People with sensitive skin might want think twice about electric razors & disposable blade shaver & shaving cream sensitive skin.
Is a Foil or Rotary electric shaver better for sensitive skin??
I have a large problem with shaving, my skin seems to be really really sensitive and I have a problem with ingrown hairs and white heads on the lips and razor bumps, everything. I have an electric Braun lamination shaver but my skin doesn’t…

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Best and closest electric shaver for sensitive skin?
Q: I normally wet shave but I have recently become interested in buying an electric shaver. I have tried an old shaver I have but it does not give a very close shave. I also have quite sensitive skin.Could anyone recommend me an electric shaver from your own experience which would give both a very close shave and would not cut or irritate too much sensitive skin? Also not too much money if possible!
A: Oww.I’m probably better off just not answering this question, but EVERY time I use an electric shaver my whole face burns for a day and a half.And on top of that, I can NEVER get my face to be smooth.Gillette Fusion > any razor blade or electric shaver.Come to think of it I have a Gillette Fusion Power. It’s beyond amazing and it’s electric!Get it!=]
What is the best and closest electric shaver for sensitive skin?
Q: i was thinking about switching from a blade to a shaver. any suggestions for a good one? i’m looking for one that doesn’t irritate my skin, but that gives me a good close shave.
A: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Philips-RQ1075-ARCitec-Battery-Indicator/dp/B000RM87HE/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&s=drugstore&qid=1242771676&sr=8-12 is pretty damn good, although nothing comes as close or feels as good as wet shaving.
Best electric shaver for a man with sensitive skin?
Q: I’ve had this Braun Cruzer3, 2000 Series for almost a year and it barely does the job anymore. I wasn’t all that impressed with it when I first got it, and my skin is sensitive and I get frequent ingrown hairs. I can’t shave with regular razor blades and shaving cream since that makes my ingrown hairs even worse. So what is the best electric shaver for sensitive skin, and for preventing ingrown hairs(pseudofoliculitis barbae)? It should shave close, but not too close(too close and then I’ll have ingrown hair problems), is good for soft, sensitive skin and is efficient. I don’t think it should take me more than 10 minutes to shave, or have to shave over the same area of skin more than 5 times to do a decent job.
A: Foil Blades-They move side to side and a thin layer of metal (the foil) protects the face as holes in the foil allow hairs to poke through. This gives you a closer shave and less irritation.-Easier to clean than rotary blades.-Ideal for sensitive skin.-Perfect for someone who shaves everyday.-Not suitable for shaving long hair.Triple Head (Rotary) -Three heads are better than two!-Good for coarse beards, sensitive skin and longer hair (like on your neck).-Very close shave, but hard to clean.-Some models dispense lotion.Double Foil -Two moving heads = twice the shaving speed!-Two heads also ensures a closer shave than a single head.-Recommended for coarse growth and sensitive skin.I know that information doesn’t give you a specific brand, but it could help you in choosing your next electric razor.
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