What is the best treatment for asthma

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The best treatment depends on the person and their doctor. Some use anti-inflammatories, some used inhaled coritcosteroids. Thanks [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-treatment-for-asthma ]
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What’s the best treatment for asthma?
Treatment of Asthma Treatment Asthma cannot be cured, but it can be controlled with proper asthma management. The first step in asthma management is environmental control. Asthmatics cannot escape the environment, but through some changes, …
What remedies can get rid of asthma?
Asthma Treatment. View diagnostic tests, medical proecedures, otc and prescription drugs on Healthline Treatment Search. There are 18 procedures, 32 prescriptions, and 23 supplements found for Asthma…
Where to buy Flixotide Asthma Treatment best deals shipped intern…?
Visit our Best Pharmacies page, some of the websites we recommend ship Flixotide Asthma Treatment from overseas or ship from USA worldwide. The advantage of using an international pharmacy is that they can ship worldwide, are not as restric…

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Which is the most best treatment for Asthma in the world?
Q: Which medical field is best for the treatment of Asthma?
A: go here for the cure;http://www.doctoryourself.com/asthma.html
what is the best treatment for asthma other than inhalers?
Q: i have had asthma for many years and now take only inhalers,i use 3 inhalers a month,which odviously is too many.i do not want to take steroids because of the side effects.i would appreciate ant suggestions on other meds that have helped.desperately seeking suggestions.thanks so much.
A: Advair. Singulair. They can be used separately or together. Of course you must discuss with your Dr. and get an Rx for both of them.
asthma treatment best homeopathy doctor required in chennai?
Q: hi friends,my sister having asthmatic problem for 14 yrs from the age of 12.My question is whether this homeopathic treatment apt for her,if so how long it takes(i mean the treatment) because we want to do marriage for her within 6 months.plz do reply,very serious!!!!!Note:Also required best homeopathy doctor address in chennai.
A: Here are a few addresses of Homeopaths that I have been able to find on the net, sorry not being an Indian citizen cant help you with who is good who is not :o) Check them out by reputition. I searcehed for Homeopaths on this site :- http://www.hpathy.com/dirhomeopath/Alagappan, Sundara W12, 5th Main Rd, AnnanagarChennai, TamilNadu, IN, 600040Phone: 9443276996, , Fax: Email: hidden, Website: Arthanari, Venkattaraman #48, Arasappa StreetChennai, Tamilnadu, IN, 600007Phone: , , Fax: Email: hidden, Website: http://www.relief.friendpages.com Das (Dutta), Anamika F-2, Sangath Apartments, 2nd Main Road, MGR Nagar, VelacheryChennai, Tamilnadu, IN, 600042Phone: 55376976, , Fax: Email: hidden, Website: Dave, Nritiya Shree Sai Homoepathic Clinic & Pharmacy No.5, Gengu Reddy Road, Opp. Hotel Blue Diamond, Off P.H. RoadChennai, Tamilnadu, IN, 600 008Phone: 9841497377, , Fax: Email: hidden, Website: G, Poornnima Flat No:5, Nandanam Plot No: 1385, Srivari Royale Poompuhar Nagar 19th Street, KolathurChennai, TamilNadu, IN, 60009Phone: 25508865, 9444454320, Fax: Email: hidden, Website: Ganesh, Lakshmanan Dr. Hahnemann Homoeo Clinic No. 10, Corporation Building, 2nd Aveue, 15th street, Ashok Nagar, Opp To R3 Police StationChennai, Tamilnadu, IN, 600083Phone: 9894999243, , Fax: Email: hidden, Website: Gnanasambandam, R 6,Lloyds IInd Lane RoyapettahChennai, , IN, 600014Phone: 28113300, 28115500, Fax: Email: hidden, Website: http://www.homeomiracles.com Irfan, Mohammed No.5-A, Mosque Lane First Street, SaidapetChennai, Tamilnadu, IN, 600015Phone: 9941631250, , Fax: Email: hidden, Website: Jeberson, Usha 3/370, Vaigai Street, Ganga Nagar, MadipakkamChennai, Tamilnadu, IN, 600 091Phone: 9444183956, 9841194636, Fax: Email: hidden, Website: Jo, Mathews Anns Homoeo Clinic, 170, R K Mutt Road, MandaveliChennai, Tamil Nadu, IN, 600090Phone: 24935925, 24903487, Fax: Email: hidden, Website: Joseph, Barnabas 73 Mahalakshmi Nagar, SelaiyurChennai, Tamilnadu, IN, 600073Phone: 044-22270657, 9444313770, Fax: Email: hidden, Website: Karnam Srinivasan, Rekha Raj Homoeo Clinic, New No.145 Kutchery road, MylaporeChennai, Tamil Nadu, IN, 600004Phone: 044 24935283, 99400311632, Fax: Email: hidden, Website: Khan, Amaan 128, Dr.Besant Road, RoyapettahChennai, Tamilnadu, IN, 600014Phone: 044 28486818, 098403 49419, Fax: Email: hidden, Website: www.homoeopatic.com Kumar, Senthil Sri Chakra Flats, 54-D F-3 Vijayanagar 3rd Main Road, VelacherryChennai, Tamilnadu, IN, 600000Phone: 09443054168, 09786901830, Fax: Email: hidden, Website: http://consulturdr.blogspot.com/ M, Saraswathi L 10/3 East Avenue KoratturChennai, Tamilnadu, IN, 600080Phone: 044-26245878, , Fax: Email: hidden, Website: Mathew, Sujatha Plot-4, V Avenue, Marudhupandy Street, ChitlapakkamChennai, Tamilnadu, IN, 600064Phone: 9841050935, 9444755350, Fax: Email: hidden, Website: Mayam veetil, Harshad New No:47, Madras batta street, VillivakkamChennai, Tamil Nadu, IN, 600049Phone: 00919841746343, 00914426212231, Fax: Email: hidden, Website: Moorthy, Sathiya 34/7 KK Road, Valmiki Nagar, ThiruvanmiyurChennai, Tamilnadu, IN, 600041Phone: 9444126298, 0440243354464, Fax: Email: hidden, Website: Natarajan, Viswanathan 35, Chari Street, North Usman RoadChennai, Tamil Nadu, IN, 600017Phone: 044-42125712, cell 9381917475, Fax: Email: hidden, Website: R, Madan 23, Govindan Road, West MambalamChennai, Tamilnadu, IN, 600 033Phone: 044-23719045, 09840623322, Fax: Email: hidden, Website: R, Vimala A3,Ansary Flats, 1st Floor, 39 Madley Road, Near T. Nagar Bus Terminus, T.NagarChennai, Tamilnadu, IN, 600017Phone: , , Fax: Email: hidden, Website: Srinivasan, Rekha Karnam Raj Homoeo Clinic, No.145 Kutchery road, MylaporeChennai, Tamilnadu, IN, 600004Phone: 044 24935283, , Fax: Email: hidden, Website: Sundar, PT E-4, Golden Jubilee Apts, KK nagarChennai, Tamilnadu, IN, Phone: 9841400818, 044-24748290, Fax: Email: hidden, Website: Swamy, K.V. 113, Usman Road, T. NagarChennai, Tamilnadu, IN, 600 017Phone: 2434 0552, 2377 5233, Fax: Email: hidden, Website: Vijaykumar, Tenkayalu 50/12 Makaliamman Kovil Street ErnavoorChennai, Tamilnadu, IN, 600057Phone: 04425726320, , Fax: Email: hidden, Website: Take care and God Bless
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