What is the blood test BNP

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The B-type Natriuretic Peptide (BNP) Test is a blood test for heart failure. It measures the level of BNP in your blood. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-blood-test-bnp ]
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I had a bnp heart/blood test in the er and it came back elevated.?
Q: my cardio came in (i have one cause i have mitral valve prolapse) and he did not seem concerned because my heart rate was high when the test was performed and he said it could have thrown it off. has anyone ever had this and what does this mean
A: I believe what you are referring to is a BNPEP serum level. It is used as a measure of congestive heart failure. Indeed, often when a person’s heart rate is very high, cardiac function does deteriorate because adequate filling and emptying of heart chambers does not take place. The “back-up” or congestion allows fluid to accumulate in the pulmonary system (your lungs). Unless this was a once in a lifetime “elevated heart rate”, an elevated BNPEP is a clinical marker for CHF! There are some chronic conditions that can cause this lab value to be “falsely” high (for example: pulmonary hypertension, chronic renal failure, liver failure), but for the general public this is a clinical marker that should be taken seriously! Perhaps a second opinion by another cardiologist would be a prudent thing to undertake. Hope this helps! BTW-BNPEP is also referred to as a BNP (NOT a BMP-this is a basic metabolic panel to check for electrolytes like Potassium/Glucose/Chloride/Magnesium/BUN/Creatinine/Sodium)
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