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A placebo, is made to look exactly like a real drug, but is made of an inactive substance, such as a starch, or sugar. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-sugar-pill ]
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What is a sugar pill and what does it do?
A sugar pill is what women take to start their period. It allows the period to start.
What if i skipped my sugar pill ?
You will still get your period. The placebo is basically there to get you to keep taking your pills in the right routine. It doesn’t have hormone. The period happens because you stop taking the estrogen pills. By not taking the sugar pill, …
Can diabetic patients take the sweet sugar pill?
Yes, diabetics can take pills because the amount of sugar present is very minute. Also, medicines can be administered in distilled water, thereby avoiding pills.

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How long into the sugar pill does it take to get your period?
Q: I started the pill the first day i got my period. now I’m up to the sugar pills but. Saying that, I’m only up to the third sugar pill, but the first one in the red section. Are you meant to get your period as soon as the sugar pill starts or is it normal for it to come a few pills into it?
A: It may take a couple of days. For me, I start taking the sugar pills on Sunday, I usually don’t get my period until Tuesday or Wednesday. It is probably different for everyone.
When you take birth control pills can you get pregnant during the sugar pill week?
Q: Can you get pregnant if you skip that week?Why exactly are there sugar pills?If you take your pills every day around the same time and never mess up is there any time of the month that you can get pregnant?I know abstinance is the only 100% fool proof way and that the pill does not protect against stds….
A: No You wont get pregnant if you don’t take the sugar pills as long as you have taken all of the other pills in your pak everyday on time and not with antibiotics. These pills are there to help you not to forget taking your bc pills. Most people need a daily routine to be established in order to follow the 3 week on 1 week off bc cycle and these “sugar” pills does it for them. As long as you are not taking bc pills and antibiotics for any reason ie dentist etc. then they will work and as long as taken daily at approx the same day. If taken with antibiotics then the hormones are reduced and ovulation can occur and if this happens and you have sex at the same time you can get pregnant. Other than that you should be covered. While abstinence is 100 percent fool proof it is not idealistic for most people so don’s stress especially if you are already sexually active. When i took my bc pills as prescribed i never got pg. when i didn’t choose to take them WHAM i got pg the next month,
Would a girl on the pill be more likely to get pregnant during the sugar pills ?
Q: They say you are 99% protected if taken correctly, but are certain days a decimal point lower or higher than others? Like, let’s say your 2nd week of active pills is about 99.6% effective, and your sugar pills are about 99.3% (I’m just thinking up an example). Would it be like this or is it exactly the same throughout the entire month? I find it hard to believe that it’s exact for every single pill.
A: If you take the pills everyday at the same time, it is 99.9% effective even during the placebo pills. If it’s your first month, you may want to use backup (i.e., a condom) just until the pills “kick in”.
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