or you could ask your doctor to perform a fertility test. "/>

Where can I get a fertility test for a man

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You can order male fertility tests online at or you could ask your doctor to perform a fertility test. [ Source: ]
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Are there tests to check fertility in a woman or man??
There are several tests for both men and women. The man’s test checks how many sperm he has and how healthy they are. They start by looking at a sperm sample under the microscope. They count the sperm and check the sperm’s shape and how the…
How accurate are internet fertility test for men. My fiances came…?
hi there your test result suggests that your partner has got fertility issues but dont always see this as the right answer my hubby has a low sperm count and being honest with you i wouldnt trust these tests not at all as all the goings on …
How can a man’s fertility be tested?
A man’s fertility can be tested with a semen analysis: A sample of semen is collected very soon after ejaculation and is put under a microscope. The semen analysis usually includes at least three “scores” that make up semen quality: The spe…

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What is involved in a fertility test?
Q: My wife and I are trying to have a baby. We are seeking the help of a fertility specialist and they want to test me first(husband). What is involved when you are testing a man for fertility?
A: Usually a sperm analysis (check sperm count, mobility and structure of the sperm) and usually they will do chromosome testing. Sometimes they will check your hormones but usually not unless they think you might be high or low on a hormone, this might include thyroid and glucose testing since they effect fertility. For the sperm analysis, you give a sperm sample. The other test are blood test. They usually do the man first because if there the sperm count or mobility is low, you’ll need to do IVF or at least IUI’s. If the sperm are abnormally shaped, you will have to do IVF with a procedure that takes one of your healthy sperms and places it into the egg. They will check your wife’s hormone levels and also for chromosome testing. They may also check her glucose, thyroid and for antibodies that can prevent pregnancy.If everything comes back normal, they may want to test your sperm in her cm (to make sure her cm is not hostile to your sperm) and/or order an HSG to make sure her tubes are open.Even if your wife has been pregnant in the past or you had a child in the past, problems can arise over time.
has anyone tried a home fertility test for men and is it accurate?
A: The thing with most of them will only show if he has a minimum of 20/21 million/ml. If it’s lower than that (which can still produce a pg!), it won’t show. I’ve also heard from people that it’s hard to interrupt. If you don’t want to do an actual Semen Analysis, then try home scoping. Buy a microscope from Toys R US (not the cheapest one, the others work though!), and get a sample from your dh (put it in a clean container, petri dish, etc just no dixie cup! Let it sit for about 30 min. Then add one drop to a slide, put on a cover. Then view it under 100x magnification. It should look like pepper flakes. Then switch to 400x and you will see more! Take the number you see per viewing field and divide by 2 (if you count 40 divide by 2 is 20, so your count would be 20 million/ml which is considered the normal for fertility). Good luck!
where should a man go to get fertility testing?
A: Start at your family doctor and he/she will referr you to a place in your area.
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