Why do you get yeast infection

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Candida’s a normal vaginal bacteria, but an increase will cause a yeast infection. Other causes-antibiotics, vaginal injury (more) [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-you-get-yeast-infection ]
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Why Do You Get a Yeast Infection?
Well, first and foremost why do you get a yeast infection? About 3 out of 4 women are proven to be positive of when tested. A fungus called Candida albicans, usually found in the genitals and other warm parts of the body can lead to a yeas…
How do you get Yeast Infection?
You can get a yeast infection from wearing pants or underwear that are too tight, not rinsing all the soap off in the shower, when doing laundry using too much soap and it’s not getting rinsed out of your clothes, taking certain antibiotics…
Do Guys Get Yeast Infections?
Obviously, guys don’t get vaginal yeast infections. But balanitis (pronounced: bal-uh-nie-tis), an infection of the head of the penis, can be caused by the same candida that causes infections in girls. Guys who have diabetes are more prone …

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Why does the yeast infection cream say to use before bed?
Q: I just bought the yeast infection treatment from the pharmacy. It says to use it before I go to bed. Why is that? Will it cause any problems if I use it now?
A: The cream leaks so if you use it now it will leak out of you quickly while you walk around. Using it before sleep keeps it in you longer so it actually gets time to work.
Why do people think a yeast infection is not and cannot be sexually transmitted?
Q: How can so called rns etc.think a yeast infection cannot and will not be sexully transmitted are you crazy!Anything and everything can and will be transmitted one way or the other.None of us on here are doctors,lawyers with phds etc.The object of this is for honest truthful answers this is why ther is so much confusion in the young minds that come on here and ask a serious question.Look Rns take a class for about 6 weeks and they get certified they work in different facilities from nursing homes etc.they dont have the authority to give any medical advice they only give what the physician says.Not saying some RNs have not seen it all etc. but they have not attended a medical school etc for the many years a doctor has.So what do you guys think of some of the info you get from the RNs on this site?
A: a yeast inf is NOT an STD but it can be transmitted from one person to another by sex… its the same as jock itch for a man.. it can be passed continually if neither partner is treated.
why do i get a yeast infection every time i take antibiotics?
Q: i swear nearly every time i have to take an antibiotic for something i end up with a yeast infection…anyone know why that is?
A: When you take antibiotics it kills bacteria.In the vagina there is bacteria that is good.It neutralizes the cells.When taking antibiotics it kills the good and badbacteria. This is why eating yougurt is indicated.Yougurt also has live bacteria. Good bacteria.hope this helps.
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