Why does smoking weed make anxiety worse

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The short-term effects of marijuana can include problems with memory and learning; distorted perception; difficulty in.. more? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-smoking-weed-make-anxiety-worse ]
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Why does smoking weed make anxiety worse
The short-term effects of marijuana can include problems with memory and learning; distorted perception; difficulty in.. more?
Would smoking weed make me have more anxiety when making oral spe…?
Marijuana tends to enhance a person’s mood. So if you’re happy, you’ll probably be happier. If you’re anxious, you will probably be even more anxious.

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where can i get the best kava kava root for anxeity? I am currently smoking weed and experiencing bad anxiety?
A: Smoking weed will probably make your anxiety worse in the long run. You need to quit and detox from it. Kava kava is probably not going to be all that helpful. You should see a doctor about the problem.
Why do i have anxiety attacks when i smoke weed?
Q: I’ve been smoking pot daily, for about a year now. But here recently, i’ve noticed i start having bad anxiety attacks after i smoke. why?!
A: I think half of the people who responded to this don’t know that some doctors give their patients weed for anxiety.You should probably talk it over with someone?
high anxiety/ panic attack/ smoking weed?
Q: alright so ive recently started smoking pot about a month ago. and i really like it. i had been smoking it regularly (at first, every other day. then just on the weekends and a few week days)but around the same time (a little earlier) i have developed very bad anxiety.well, my point- the other night i had one hit from a friends bong and i went super paranoid. basically i had a horrible night, and I had either my first panic attack or just…a weird experiencei had all the symptoms of a panic attack, but im not sure if it was my original ANXIETY or if it was just the weed that made it happen.Before this, ive had a couple minor anxiety attacks, but nothing on this scale.anyways i think i need to get rid of some of my anxiety before i smoke again just so it doesnt happen againare there any good ways to help clear up the anxiety? i want to get back to my weeeedand dont tell me not to smoke, i really dont give a shit if you think weed is bad.
A: it’s good to see someone quite honest about panic attacks as you described. you might want to read what a few users have to see at http://budurl.com/PanicAtacksthanks for sharing you anxiety to many other who would have the same issues
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