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How do you get rid of a yeast infection

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You can buy medication over the counter, but if you’ve never been treated for a yeast infection you should see a doctor. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-get-rid-of-a-yeast-infection ]
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Women are known to get yeast infections more than once in their lifetime. To get rid of yeast infections one can buy over the counter cream/ointments to apply. You can find more information here: http://www.womenshealth.gov/faq/vaginal-yeas…
Yeast Infections can be very annoying. A Yeast Infection can make you itch, burn and the discharge can be so severe that you do anything for some fast relief. The good news is that there are many treatments, medications and home remedies fo…
・ 1 Yeast Infections are not exclusive to women. Men and children alike can be affected. As a matter of… ・ 2 Probiotics and Soil Based Organisms will replenish your intestinal flora with the good bacteria. After… ・ 3 Digestive enzymes a…

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How to get rid of yeast infection without going to the doctors?
Q: I’m 16, and am pretty sure I have a yeast infection. I don’t live with my mom, and I don’t want to tell my dad to go buy anything and I can’t drive. I think it’d be weird to tell anyone to go buy anything for it.. So what could I do to cure this or if you have to buy something what do you get for it? Help please. I don’t want it to get worse.
A: I understand not wanting to talk to your dad about this but since it is a normal thing that can happen to all women, you shouldn’t feel shy about it. You can pick up an over the counter treatment at Walgreens or such, I have heard that drinking a lot of cranberry juice can help flush it out. Another thing I heard of is inserting plain yogurt in the vagina, theory being that the yeast cultures in the yogurt will kill off the yeast in the vagina. It wasn’t easy getting in there first of all, keeping it there, so I didn’t have much luck. Here is an article that I ran across that might be beneficial for you. It has a lot of good advice like not wearing tight clothes, cotton underwear, and keeping a healthy diet and such. Give it a glance over and reconsider approaching your dad.
How do i get rid of yeast infection without seeing a doctor?
Q: I only have bad odor and it itches like once a month. Besides if you do have yeast infection and you do go to the doctors what do they do to you
A: Garlic is so effective because it kills yeast. When inserting a clove of garlic into the vagina as a means of treatment, make sure you are peeling away the garlic skin. It works best if you do this treatment at night just like you do with other yeast infection treatments. Insert the garlic into the vagina by lying on your back on a bed with your knees drawn to your chest and spread apart. Discard the garlic in the toilet in the morning. Be aware that inserting garlic into the vagina may cause a watery discharge.
How do you get rid of yeast infection?
Q: My neighbor had told me se has yeast infesction. The problem is she doesn’t know what to do she has no health insurrance but before going to try to get a doctor to help her she wants to help herself first.
A: Most yeast infections clear on their own, just keep the area clean and well ventilated, ie. no tight pants.There may be some medications at the drugstore she can buy herself, go to the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist. If the infection is severe though, she would need to see a doctor.
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