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What can you do for knee pains

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You can take a OTC medicine called Tylonol or try Extra Strength Advil. They work great on my knees. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-you-do-for-knee-pains ]
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・ If you experience knee pain during an activity, such as running or step aerobics, it will be wise for… ・ In addition to taking a break from your routine, there are some immediate things you can do to help alleviate… ・ Knee pain can re…
Try wearing a knee brace, it certainly wont do any harm. You should probably try not to stretch the knee the wrong way for a while, work around it and use the other leg in order to give the joint enough rest to heal any damage. You can also…
I am a freelance writer and lately I’ve been writing about and researching knee pain a lot. This is the jist of what I’ve learned: Orthotics – Placing an orthotic insert in your shoes realigns the way you walk and helps something like 80% o…

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I need some advice on what I should do about chronic knee pains.?
Q: My knees usually are always very stiff and sometimes its painful just to walk. I don’t want to go through surgery right now because I can’t really afford to do it. But I have been missing alot of work due to my knee problems. I’m 30 years old and in fairly good shape, I think I might have injured my knees over time from doing heavy leg lifts. I’m pretty much looking for a quick fix to my problem and any info would be appreciated. Thank you.
A: sounds like arthritis . . .I have it myself in most of my joints. Advil, regular walking, a knee brace and will power. That’s all you can do really.
Knee pains from excessive walking & climbing?
Q: I have been on a hard scramble and a long hike 3 weeks ago with my FITTER mates. I managed both trips, each lasting 7.5 hrs to 9 hrs. I reckon I have over-did my knees and put too much strain onto them for climbing.Now my knees are still hurting when going up and down the stairs, do you think I should see a doctor or should I let them heal naturally (or painkillers?) or what can I do to ease the pain?My finger joints only just stopped hurting a week ago! and there’s another hike lined up in 3 weeks’ time. Help 🙁
A: Sounds to me like you should see a doctor. If you don’t and you have torn some ligaments, or something, you could damage your knees to the point where you never walk without a crutch. How’s that for some eye opening information? Don’t chance it, please, it’s worth the doctor visit. In the meantime, until you have made your appointment, try applications of aloe vera, preferably from the plant itself, you take some of its leaves, crush them up and put them in the microwave for a few seconds, then plaster the stuff over your knees, this promotes natural healing…..or for the pain, some ice in a cloth laid over the knees. This is no substitue for a doctor taking a look though. Think hard on this one, sounds like you are an active person, I would hate to see that end due to procastination….okay?
What can I do to eliminate knee pain while riding?
Q: Okay – so.. typically when I ride it’s during a lesson, show, or clinic and I’m in the saddle for an hour at the very least. Lupus runs in my family and I’ve already got symptoms of it + rheumatoid arthritis. After riding for an extended period of time, I start to have knee pain – mostly in my right knee. I’ve tried jointed stirrups and ironically they caused MORE pain than they relieved. I’ve thought about trying the Bow Balance stirrups but I’m afraid it’ll be the same thing. I have “conformational issues,” as my trainer likes to put it, because I’ve got a 33″ inseam but I’m only 5’4″. This makes it hard for me to fit really nicely in a saddle without my leg looking too long (even if my stirrups are at the right level).I know I have a problem of turning my toes out when I jump, so could this be part of the reason for my knee pain? Could it be the fact that my legs are so long? Does anyone else have this same problem and if so – what have you done that has actually worked?I’ve had blood tests done every year for the Lupus. With the test – they’re looking for I think three specific things.. if you only have two out of the three, they still name your results as “negative.” My Dr. has said, “It’s just a matter of time before the test comes back positive” – I don’t really know how to interpret that.. I’m assuming that one of the things they look for is possibly age related. Who knows.. and Yes, I’ve tried ace bandages, I’ve tried a knee brace – it doesn’t help. Ibuprofin sometimes works but I’m not a huge fan over taking stuff. My massage therapist has recommend Arnica – which I’ve yet to find – but otherwise I’m not on any medications other than the occasional Flexiril after a horseshow (which is when it’s the worst).
A: First off, are you sure this isn’t related to the RA. Are you on anti-inflammatories or steroids etc. If you are suspecting you have lupus, they can do a simple blood test, but you probably already know that.So start there first, see if there is actually something CAUSING your knee pain vs a conformational issue.Are you riding english then? Sorry not familiar with Bow Balance stirrups. I know that my mom had really bad knee pain that was cured when she went to the things that actually turn the stirrups the correct way. I can’t remember the name of them.I really think that if you have RA, you probably should investigate that further with this issue.Good luck!
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